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Why You Should Be More Body Positive This Year

'Tis the season for self-improvement! This is the time when everyone resolves how to be a better person and each of us has our own way of doing that. The most popular New Year's resolution this year, according to Google, is ditching daily stress. Other top ten items include learning how to cook healthy foods like lentils and cabbage, drinking more water, crocheting a beanie, and of course, losing weight.

While we totally love all those ideas (especially the beanie! do it!), may we add one to your list? Make 2016 the year of body positivity, both in how you think about yourself and the way you look at others. Not only will learning to love and accept yourself help you accomplish all your other resolutions—research has shown that hating yourself makes you less likely to achieve your health goals—but you'll feel happier doing them because you're doing them for the right reasons. People who resolve to get fit, for example, are much more likely to stick with their plan if they focus on how exercise is helping their bodies rather than using it to punish themselves. 

Plus, people who have low self-esteem get sick more, are more likely to gain weight, and may even have shorter lifespans. Yikes!

Now, don't get us wrong, being body positive doesn't mean automatically loving everything about yourself. (Is that even possible?) It simply means not nit-picking every imperfection when you look in the mirror, giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, and praising yourself when you do something good. Need some inspiration? Check out how these gorgeous celebs conquered their self-hate and got healthy.

Being body positive is also about helping everyone around us. Skip the snap judgments and criticisms of others (it won't help you feel better about yourself anyhow); hold companies accountable for photoshop (like Zendaya did!); be honest about all the work that goes into your look (like this Instagram It girl who forever changed the way we look at online snaps); and challenge unrealistic body standards, like these badass ladies who proved beauty comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. 

But it's not just celebrities and the Insta-famous that can make a difference. To help you get started, we took our cameras to the street to find out how every day women are resolving to to be body positive in 2016. And they were as brilliant as they are beautiful. Prepare for some major heart-eyes.


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