Will You Be Able to Have a Baby?

You'll never really know if you'll have fertility issues until you try to conceive.But ifyou're under35 and havebeen trying formore than a year,talk with yourgynecologist.She may be ableto pinpoint aspecificproblem orrefer you to areproductiveendocrinologistwho specializesin the diagnosisand treatmentof infertility.If you're 35 orolder, putyourself on ashorter schedule:"Get helpif you haven'tconceived in sixmonths," saysDaniel Potter,M.D. "Nomatter howyoung you look,if you're 40, youreggs are still40." For moreinformation orsupport, goto the NationalInfertilityAssociation'sWeb site, resolve.org.

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