She explains why "skinny" is not the same thing as "happy."

By By Renee Cherry

'Before and after' photos used to exclusively depict a major weight loss milestone or an extreme makeover. But women are reclaiming the side-by-side set-up to show that sometimes the best transformations have nothing to do with sculpting a "perfect body" (like, what is that anyway?).

Take former body builder Jolene Jones who posted a 'before and after' photo on Facebook, showing how she went from "body builder to body lover."

In her caption, Jolene gave some background on each period in her life. She explained that in the first photo she relied on a "grueling gym regimen and weighing chicken and having protein shakes in my purse." But in the second photo, she felt happier and had a better social life. (P.S. Did you know that your friends boost your health?.)

Jolene pointed out a big myth that weight loss transformation photos perpetuate-that the skinnier, 'fitter' woman on the right is always better off and happier than the woman on the left. "A six pack didn't make me happy. I was never enough and always needing to improve. Today I went rafting with friends and enjoyed food the old me would have drooled over and wouldn't have dared to touch," she wrote. "Your worth and joy isn't weighed by what you can lift or what the scale says."


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April 11, 2019
Omg this. When i first started working out i lost weight. Never enough i guess. In my head it felt like i was still chubby. I ended up losing way too much weight, with a bmi of 17 and went to buy clothes. I was searching for size 12 when the girls at the store told me im way too tiny. Turns out i was a 00 and had no idea i lost so much. I didnt feel any more confident. Definitely not stronger or healthier. I gained it all back plus some but honestly feel bettee than ever now. I am at a healthy weight, im strong, my heart is great and i realised that when you feel that stomache pudge its more emotional than physical anyway. The hardest part of weight loss can sometimes be accepting it... Especially when you reach your goal.
April 11, 2019
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August 8, 2018
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