She's using this old-school playground staple to do some incredible tricks that you have to see to believe.

Brookelynn Bley picked up hula-hooping four years ago. Today, she's a total pro at it and has practically redefined our favorite childhood pastime as an extreme sport. The 23-year-old first gained popularity after a few of her hooping videos went viral on Facebook. From there, the Chicago native launched her Instagram account @nosleeptilbrookelynn and has already scored 108,000 followers. It's pretty easy to see why.

Her moves make it hard to peel your eyes away-and she goes above and beyond to make each video even more impressive than the one before-like doing it with her hands tied behind her back.

Not to mention that she can hula-hoop with literally every part of her body.

Including her butt:

And even her hair bun:

And while hula-hooping might not *appear* to be an intense workout, it's a good option for low-impact cardio and can be awesome for getting your entire core into shape. It also has several mental benefits. "It's a stress reliever and can be meditative in the way it rolls across the belly," Rebecca Burton, a hula-hoop dance instructor at Dance New Amsterdam in New York previously told us in 25 Fat-Burning Summer Workouts to Get You In Shape.

Whether you applaud her for her fitness (hello, core strength and flexibility!) or just the level of circus-like skill, you have to admit that transforming into a human slinky is pretty damn cool.