Proof you should never link your self-worth or body image to a silly number.

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Age, weight, clothing's all just a number. Fitness influencer Victoria Winterford proved as much in her latest transformation post, which revealed that she gained weight but didn't change her size. Both images show her in a black bikini, but there's a difference of 22 pounds (or 10 kilograms). The one constant? Her size 8 frame.

"How??" the 25-year-old from the UK asked. "Yep, that little thing we call muscle." (Related: These Instagrammers Are Reminding Us Why It's Important to #ScrewTheScale)

Winterford went on to talk about how the numbers on the scale and on the clothing tag distract us from seeing real fitness results-such as her recent increase in muscle mass. A boost in muscle is a common body change many people notice after switching up their fitness routine. (In fact, more women are actually trying to gain weight through diet and exercise.) (Psst...having strong muscles doesn't necessarily mean you have to bulk up)

"We all get so paranoid over those numbers ... we let it control us, how we train, how much we should be eating … when really we need to be focusing on how we LOOK and how we FEEL." (Related: These Women Look Like They Lost Weight, but They Actually Gained)

She tells Health that she's struggled with finding a more intuitive way to eat and exercise. "I used to be very underweight," she says. "I would restrict myself from eating too many calories, obsessed with weighing myself in case I put on weight, and definitely overtrained my body. I was very body conscious and always wanted to look like someone else." (Related: This Fitness Blogger Proves That Weight Is Just a Number)

Now, she's learned how to train and eat properly, and she's hoping that her message is something others, particularly young women, can relate to.

"The pressures of social media these days make people think they have to look a certain way, [but] realistically we should just be the best version of ourselves no matter what," she says. "I just want to help as many people as possible [by] spreading a positive message about body image and living a healthy but also balanced lifestyle."


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May 17, 2018
Of course she is going to wear the same size between 47 and 57 kg. Because when you're those weight at her height, the main factor that determines your size is your skeleton and it's not like your skeleton can change size. There will be a point in her weight were no matter how much she loses, she will remain the same size. When she's at 57 kg, she's already close to it which is why her size doesn't change. It would change however if she had another gained 10 kilos.
May 17, 2018
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