"Fat people aren't insecure; insecure people are insecure."

By Renee Cherry
Updated: September 01, 2017

Humor on TV has evolved over the years. Jokes that wouldn't be considered too offensive on popular shows ten years ago would make today's viewers squirm. It's been a gradual change you might not even pick up on until you're watching an old rerun of Friends that could be titled The One Where Chandler Makes 15 Homophobic Jokes. Call it political correctness or basic decency, writers seem to be including fewer jokes aimed at offending groups of people.

An exception, though, is 'fat jokes.' Even in recent years, they're still popping up in popular sitcoms.

That's why body positive advocate Lexie Manion took to Instagram to point out that fat jokes are still very much a thing and it's about time they're not. In a recent post, she wrote about watching Baby Daddy (a show that premiered in 2012), which is filled with jokes about the main character once being fat.

"I'd love to see more comedies in the future that are actually funny because they simply are, and not just because they take overused jokes to shame others," she wrote. "There is life beyond the narrative that fat people are just insecure, ugly, stupid, gross, lazy, etc. Fat people aren't insecure; insecure people are insecure-no matter their current or previous weight."

It's 2017, and it's time to stop making fat jokes (and telling girls not to wear leggings, and trolling people for cellulite, etc.) And Manion brings up a good point: Fat jokes body-shame people and perpetuate negative stereotypes. And even if they didn't? They'd still be played out and cheap.



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