"I'm perfectly healthy, my baby is perfectly healthy, and that's all that matters."

By Faith Brar
October 26, 2017

Australian fashion designer Yiota Kouzoukas has been proudly sharing photos of her baby bump with her 200,000 Instagram followers. Unfortunately, some of the responses she's received aren't what she expected.

People have judged her small belly, asking whether she's eating properly or if her baby is healthy. So the 29-year-old, who's six months pregnant, shut down the haters by sharing exactly why her bump is as small as it is.

"I receive a lot of DMs and comments regarding the size of my bump, which is why I want to explain a few things about my body," she recently wrote on Instagram. "Not that I'm upset/affected by these comments at all, but more for the reason of educating in the hope that some people are less judgmental [of] others and even themselves."

She explained that she has a tilted (retroverted) uterus as well as scarring because of endometriosis. If you've never heard of a "tilted uterus" before, you're probably not alone. But one in five women experiences it, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Retroversion happens when a woman's uterus is naturally tilted backward instead of forward. Sometimes during pregnancy, it can get tipped forward again, but as in Yiota's case, scar tissue from endometriosis can hold it in its tipped position.

The good thing is, this condition doesn't affect your chances of getting pregnant and there aren't any health risks associated with it. (But some women can experience pain during sex because of an off-kilter uterus as well as menstrual pain, urinary tract infections, and trouble using tampons.)

This isn't the first time the internet had thoughts about someone's pregnancy. When lingerie model Sarah Stage revealed she had a six-pack while eight months pregnant, commenters were quick to accuse her of not thinking about her unborn child. Fitness influencer Chontel Duncan was also slammed for proving that healthy pregnant women come in all shapes and sizes.

Thankfully, Yiota knows what's really important-and it's not internet trolls: "I'm perfectly healthy, my baby is perfectly healthy, and that's all that matters," Yiota says.


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