This Woman Wants to Officially Ban "New Year, New You" and We're Here for It

What's wrong with this me and why do I need a new one?

Photo: Instagram/@mybodywpg.

Tired of the "New Year, New You" rhetoric flooding your social media feeds? You're not alone. Brooke Van Ryssel, the owner/founder of My Body Fitness + Nutrition, recently took to Instagram to share all the things that she think should be "canceled" as we head into 2019.

"Diet culture is canceled in 2019," she shared alongside a photo of herself. "Here's some other stuff I'd like us to cancel in the New Year...Fatphobia, racism, body shaming (of all kinds, including and especially those disguised as "health concerns"), toxic relationships, self-doubt, self-hatred, ableism, transphobia, ageism, unchecked privilege, cultural appropriation, discrimination of any kind and finally...New Year New You...should also be canceled."

It's no secret that there's a lot of pressure around the New Year, especially when it comes to setting goals and resolutions. Regardless of your current situation or lifestyle, there's this looming feeling that you have to do and be "better" than your current version. But Van Ryssel suggests stopping that notion in its tracks and being happy with who you are and where you are in life instead of constantly trying to change it "for the better."

"Bodies change, people change, environments change, it is normal," she said in another post on Instagram "Move your body if it feels right for you. (If you want to do it in a supportive environment where the focus is what you are capable of rather than what you look like come see us.) Supportive motivation and forced/guilt motivation are two VERY different things."

Sure, everyone can relate to those feelings of distress about not being where you thought you'd be in your career by now, or you're not at the weight you used to be, or you haven't met your someone yet.

"It's ok to not feel ok," she wrote. "Holidays can be hard...whatever you are feeling now is valid. Post-holiday anxiety, depression, joy, confusion, exhaustion, excitement, relief, name it. It is all NORMAL. Honor your feelings, they matter and YOU matter."

The challenge this year is to change the perspective. None of that means the person you are needs updated, upgraded, or changed. Love where you are now.

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