#LiveTweetYourPeriod brings communal commiseration to one of the most frustrating parts of being a woman

By Rachael Schultz
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If there's one thing that you can bond over with any woman, anywhere, it's how much getting your period really, truly sucks. Cramps, bloating, a general feeling of impending death-the entirely of the female race loathes Aunt Flo's visit equally and dons the same look of incredulity when a man tries to say he knows what discomfort feels like. (Want to know all the details of what's going on down there? Check out Your Menstrual Cycle Phases-Explained.)

Now, women can commiserate worldwide-in 140 characters or less! The hashtag #LiveTweetYourPeriod, which was launched in April, has gained traction in the last week and has women everywhere laughing and nodding their heads in mutual understanding. (Other relatable reactions: 30 Thoughts You Have in an Indoor Cycling Class.)

More than shared sorrow, though, many women are taking to their keyboards to fight the stigma around what we all know is an unavoidable part of pre-menopausal life. "Perhaps posting about taboo topics in public, right alongside the quotidian details of our lives, helps normalize, desexualize, and destigmatize women's reproductive health-a topic shrouded in shame for far too long," writes Jenna Wortham in an article on the topic for The New York Times Magazine.

If your Twitter feed is anything like ours, it's probably been dominated by the best taken-out-of-context bloody images and metaphors about PMS and cravings that we've ever seen. Here are some of our favorites.

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