The new campaign by Rebecca Minkoff is encouraging women to realize that they're capable of so much.

By Faith Brar
September 12, 2018
Photo: Instagram

It goes without saying that designers are known to use Fashion Week as a way to make powerful statements. For instance, this year, designer Claudia Li used only Asian models in her show to make an important point about representation. Olay will host its first runway show, featuring a squad of fearless women who will take to the catwalk makeup-free. Together, they hope to dismantle society's unrealistic standard of beauty. (Related: NYFW Has Become a Home for Body Positivity and Inclusion, and We Couldn't Be Prouder)

Rebecca Minkoff is another designer who is using her platform to stand up for a cause-one that shows women they can be anything they want to be. Instead of using the runway to promote her Fall 2018 collection (available online now), Minkoff decided to partner with complex, diverse women-from female founders and entrepreneurs to activists and students-who are making a difference while staying true to themselves. (Related: 7 Fit Models to Follow for Inspiration)

Some notable names include singer, songwriter, director and activist Roxiny, cancer researcher Autumn Greco, opera singer Nadine Sierra, and the founder of the Period Movement, Nadya Okamoto.

Together, they're the face of a new campaign dubbed #IAmMany that's inspiring women to be the best versions of themselves while emphasizing women aren't limited by what society tells them they can and cannot do.

Along with the hashtag, the campaign includes a limited-edition signature shirt ($58), the proceeds from which will be divided amongst five different women's charities. Minkoff won't make a single dime but hopes to make a difference in the lives of young girls and women across the country. (Related: 14 Things You Can Buy to Support Women's Health Organizations)

The movement has been a huge success already. Notable celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Nikki Reed, Stacy London, Victoria Justice, Sophia Bush and more have taken to Instagram, wearing the iconic t-shirts and sharing their many identities.

"I am Many. Designer. Writer. Philanthropist. CEO. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Multitasker... And so much more," Lauren Conrad recently shared. "Let's show the world that when women come together in all their complexity, we can do anything." (Related: Why Lauren Conrad Doesn't Care About "Bouncing Back" After Having a Baby)

Sophia Bush, on the other hand, said: "We are not meant to be boxed in. To be labeled. To be defined by the outside world so that it may feel more comfortable when it looks at us. So that it feels like it has us figured out. We are multifaceted. We are MANY things."

Stacy London used the hashtag to make another point: "When women come together and share all the parts of ourselves, we encourage others to do the same." She then continued to nominate other women to take part in the movement by sharing their own #IAmMany statements.

Major props to Minkoff for using her platform to create something so empowering. And a shout out to all the incredible women who multi-task so effortlessly. It serves as a reminder to everyone that women are capable of having many roles and identities and at the same time have the power to challenge society's prejudices and clichés.

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September 12, 2018
Ya, right. $58.00 for a T-shirt. Actually, people that go out and do stuff don't advertise with a T-shirt. This whole thing is a scam or a liberal joke.