The egg will actually be featured in a series of videos on Hulu supporting various causes. First up: Mental Health America.

At the start of 2019, Kylie Jenner lost the record for the most-liked Instagram, not to one of her sisters or to Ariana Grande, but to an egg. Yep, a photo of an egg surpassed Jenner's 18 million likes on a photo of her daughter Stormi's hand. It seemed like nothing more than an effort to draw some laughs and/or shade Jenner. After all, social media is filled with those kinds of posts-remember when Nickelback lost to a pickle? But the account's following ended up being used to serve a worthy purpose: to spread awareness about the importance of mental health. (Related: This New Photo Editing Trend Has Gone Viral On Instagram-and, Yep, It's Bad for Your Mental Health)

On Saturday, the account teased that there would be a big reveal in conjunction with the Super Bowl, posting a new photo of the egg with the caption "The wait is over. All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl. Watch it first, only on @hulu." Following the game, a short video was posted to Hulu directing viewers to Mental Health America. A similar clip, posted on the egg's Instagram, reads "Hi I'm the world_record_egg (you may have heard of me). Recently I've started to crack, the pressure of social media is getting to me, if you're struggling too, talk to someone, we got this." The video then directs viewers to, which lists mental health resources by country. (Related: Google's New "Digital Wellbeing" Feature Will Help You Cut Back Your Screen Time)

A New York Times interview with the egg's creator, Chris Godfrey, finally cleared up some of the mystery behind the stunt. Godfrey, who works at the ad agency The&Partnership, initially just wanted to see if a simple egg photo could win the "like" record, and built up the account with the help of two friends. After many partnership offers, they struck a deal with Hulu to use the egg to support causes on the platform. After all, if you're going to have that level of reach and influence, you should at least do something good with it, right? Mental Health America is the first of a series of causes that the egg will promote, according to the Times interview. Also, the egg's name is Eugene, in case you were wondering.

The link between social media and mental health is very real-research suggests having too many social media apps increases your risk of anxiety and depression. Multiple celebs have spoken out on the importance of taking a social media detox when necessary. Kendall Jenner-whose following rivals her sisters'-previously shared that she decided to take a social media detox, as did Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Camila Cabello. There's no telling whether this message from an Insta-famous egg can have the same impact. But either way, props to Eugene for lending his clout to an important PSA instead of some lucrative detox tea spon-con.