Welcome to the future, ladies.

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: October 27, 2016

Let's be real: Going to the gynecologist can be scary AF. Even when you really like your gyno, there's still a lot of uncomfortable poking and prodding going on, so a friendly doc can make all the difference in assuaging your appointment anxiety. But imagine if all that poking and prodding were done not by your friendly, trustworthy doc-but by a robot instead. Welcome to the future of women's health.

Medical robots used to assist in surgery are nothing new. Back in 2000, a highly skilled surgical robot, referred to as "da Vinci" for its four spider-like arms, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in hospitals. But now doctors are starting to use the machine for noninvasive gynecological procedures-everything from helping to ease a range of pelvic issues to removing tumors in your uterus.

"Robotic surgery has several important benefits, including faster recovery times and less blood loss," said Barry Brown, M.D., director of ob-gyn services at Elmhurst Hospital in New York, which just added a robotic gynecologist to its surgical roster, in a statement to DNA Info. "Women who in the past would have been hospitalized for a week are now able to go home in a day." (That's good news considering there's a shortage of gynecologists.)

How does it work? The robot and its four arms make tiny incisions that allow it to get a 3-D high-def view inside your bod sans major scars. The new use of the tech could mean some pretty cool things for the future of women's health. Now if only they could build a robot with a friendly, trustworthy bedside manner, we'd be set.



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