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You Can Now Get Birth Control Delivered to Your Door

BC packWith the most recent presidential election and all the health care talk, birth control has been a huge topic recently—and it hasn't all been positive. But we're happy to finally have some good BC news to report.

For starters, we get to keep free birth control for at least a little longer. (Hallelujah!) And now, getting your birth control just got even easier! (an online birth control support network for women ages 18 to 29, operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy) just launched a Delivered to Your Door tool that's basically the Seamless of contraception. You plug in your zip code, city, or state to instantly see a list of services that can deliver BC and emergency contraception directly to your door. That's right—no more missing a pill because you couldn't get to the pharmacy before closing time, having anxiety about the store clerk judging you for buying Plan B, or freaking out because you'll be out of town when you're supposed to pick up your next pack. (FYI, the site can also help you find a local clinic.)

With this new tool, you can find the services (like Nurx, The Pill Club, or PillPack) that deliver to your area. The services available will depend on your state's laws, but most allow contraception to be delivered to your home, according to Bedsider. You may be required to speak with a prescriber first (via video chat) or simply complete a short health questionnaire. And more great news: Many of them provide free shipping and accept health insurance, and some even allow users to sign up for automatic refills. (BTW this isn't the only game-changing tech that's improving women's health care.)

But this doesn't just exist to make your life easier (because, TBH, the hassle of waiting in line at a pharmacy is a total first-world problem). Millions of women live in contraceptive deserts, according to The National Campaign—meaning they either don't have access to a health care facility or a pharmacy within 60 minutes of their homes. Imagine not only having to make time to hit the pharmacy drive-through between your work and other obligations, but also having to drive over an hour each way.

"Millions of women don't have ready access to contraception, either due to not having a convenient local provider that offers the full range of birth control methods or not having the time or transportation to get to a pharmacy," said Ginny Ehrlich, CEO of The National Campaign, in a release. "Bedsider's new service is not just a convenience, it's an important tool that helps women more effectively access contraception."

Three cheers for accessible birth control!!! (And all the things it does for your body besides preventing unwanted pregnancy—like lowering your risk of ovarian cancer and reducing female athlete knee injuries.)

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