You Told Us: "The Best Healthy Living Advice I've Received"


What's the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle? Ask a few different people and you'll probably get a few different answers. One thing's for sure, it takes more than following a certain food and exercise regimen (though those are two very important parts). No matter what the definition, leading an active and healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort, and we know that SHAPE readers are busy. We wanted to know how different SHAPEers make a point of staying healthy, so we went to our Facebook users and favorite bloggers to find out what the best healthy living advice they'd ever been given was. Here are their favorite tips for living a healthy life:

"The best advice we've ever received was: When you wake up in the morning, be grateful to be alive and for everyone and everything in life. Always spend five to 10 minutes every morning feeling love and gratitude and sending it out to the world. Always picture and feel what you want that day to be like and the universe will respond accordingly. Our lives have changed for the better once we started practicing positive thinking."

- Adrienne and Stephanie of How to be a Redhead

"We know our own bodies best. We know when we need a break and when we are trying to fool ourselves. When we're still, silent and we listen to our bodies, all the answers we need are contained within."

- Carla of Miz Fit Online

"No matter what, allow yourself the space to screw up a time or two, because that's the only way you'll learn your strengths, your weaknesses, your limitations and your strong points! Not only that, but don't beat yourself up - you can't be mad that you didn't already know what you're setting out to learn. It has to start somewhere!"

-Erika of A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

" 'No dessert until you've eaten your vegetables.' I know too many adults who still need to learn this. I actually like most vegetables now, but never would have had I not kept trying 'em over and over."

-Jan aka Crabby McSlacker of Cranky Fitness

"One of the best pieces of advice I got for overall healthy living was this: If we do the right things most of the time, the little slip-ups won't make much of a difference. If I eat a healthy diet and exercise the majority of the time, the occasional missed workout or extra piece of cake won't affect me. It's when the balance gets reversed that problems arise."

- Diane of Fit to the Finish

Don't see your answer here? Don't worry! We'll be asking a new question of the day every day as long as the blogger awards are live! Be sure to check back soon and see what other Facebook users and bloggers have to say about food, fitness and overall healthy living!

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