Hit the reset button on your mental health with this one-week mind-body makeover.

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We all have little tricks to make ourselves feel better (for me it's a hot bath with a glass of wine). Now imagine: What if these pick-me-ups were permanently ingrained in our day-to-day? We'd all be more pleasant to be around. And this week's healthy living checklist guides you toward that more satisfying and successful life we're all striving for. How? By showing you how to apply the power of positive thinking to your daily routine. This guide will help you feel happier in seven days, tops. Think of it as your one-way ticket to bliss!

From talking it out to writing it down, you've probably seen patterns in psychologists and experts' most commonly-prescribed methods for overcoming pain, dealing with stress, and climbing out of a rut. But you haven't seen these tools put together like this: in a one-week perscription with clear instructions on how to simplify your life, boost your well-being, and change the way you react to stressful situations. To start, apply one tip per day. Adopt them for life to permanently shift your mood, alter your perspective, and see that silver lining that has been there all along.

Click to print the plan below and start pursuing the happiness you deserve today.