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How to Sleep On Any Flight

Whether you're headed overseas or home for the weekend.

I'm Not Anti-Social Just Because I Don't Want to Hang Out All the Time

Did you know your brain can only handle five meaningful relationships at once?

The FDA Approved Peanut Butter Allergy Claims On Baby Food

This is the first time the FDA approved an allergy-related health claim.

Kate Hudson's C-Section Comment Got Blown Out of Proportion

The actress is getting slammed for saying that having a C-section was the laziest thing she ever did.

How This Beauty CEO Turned Managing Her Skin Condition Into a Career

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How to Meditate While Putting On Makeup

Yes, you have time to meditate.

This Major Drugstore Chain Is Going to Drastically Cut Back On Filling Prescription Painkillers

CVS announces a new plan to restrict opioid drugs in an effort to fight the overdose epidemic.

Are You Sweating Enough During Your Workouts?

Or are you that girl who's drenched from head to toe? [Raises hand!]

How Self-Love Changed My Mind--and My Body

One woman shares an inspirational 13-year transformation photo and her journey to get there.

OMG--Are You Allergic to Semen?

An ob-gyn has the answers you didn't even know you needed to this startling question.

These Breast Cancer Survivors Are Rowing Because They CAN

Recovery on Water (ROW) is a community of breast cancer survivors who support each other through rowing.