My Boyfriend Proposed in the Middle of My Fitness Class

This bride-to-be never thought her night at the gym would become her first sweating-for-the-wedding workout

Caitlin Frankel.

I never would have guessed I would get engaged at the gym. Looking back, though, it was really a reflection on how well my now fiancé knows me (and my love for fitness classes). Working out has always been an outlet for me-your life definitely changes when you're in a relationship, but fitness helps me relieve stress, whether it be guy- or work-related. I actually took him to a class at BFX when we first started dating, and he knows it's my post-work way to let go.

But first, how we met: Jason and I were introduced about a year ago. I had recently reconnected with a friend from college who invited me to attend a Shabbat dinner-a Friday evening meal traditional in the Jewish faith. I was reluctant to go because I'm not very religious, but it's very social, so I gave in and went.

I'm glad I did. When I arrived, I saw Jason from across the room and I remember thinking how cute he was. We were introduced and made plans the following week to go see a movie and grab a healthy dinner-salads! We connected on everything from our love of fitness to weird similarities with names in our family. It all took off from there! We've been dating since last September.

We had talked about getting married, but in the last month or so there was no conversation about it. I thought something was wrong with our relationship and was confused about why he was acting weird. So when my friend Christina-who I actually met at the gym-asked me to do a class with her at BFX Studio, one of my favorite gyms, I definitely wasn't expecting a proposal. She said it was a promotional class, so there would even be free hair styling there. I was in!

Then, the day before the class, she told me that we weren't getting our hair done at the studio; it was at a salon nearby. On top of that, my hair appointment was at 11 a.m. and the class wasn't until 1 p.m. I didn't want to go get my hair done before I was going to sweat! I tried to get out of the event multiple times, but even Jason said, "Why don't you just go? It's free!" So I went. (But really, what girl wants to get her hair done before a gym class?!)

We got to the class and everything seemed normal. We did a warm-up, and then all of a sudden people started dancing! It was all synchronized and I was so confused. I started moving to the back of the room, because I felt really awkward. The class was being filmed-which I assumed was just for the promotional event. It wasn't. Just as I wiggled my way to the back of the room, my boyfriend popped out of the corner and started dancing with everyone!

It felt like some weird sort of dream: 'Why is my boyfriend at my gym?' I thought. Then, his two friends jumped out and started dancing too. Nothing registered at all. His friends pushed me to the front of the room and I realized, 'Duh, the class is for me!' Eventually, he got down on one knee and proposed. Obviously, I said yes. And there was champagne and confetti-of course!

Jason told me later that when he was planning the whole thing, he wanted the proposal to be a surprise and he wanted to do something that was special to me. He knows how much I love fitness, especially BFX Studio. Mission: accomplished! (Psst! Try this Total-Body Partner Workout from BFX!)

As for my plan now? I'm not planning on doing any crazy workout routines leading up to the wedding-I'm going to stick to my current schedule of fun fitness classes, like the Fusion classes at BFX that mix up barre, spinning, strength moves, and core exercises. Plus, Jason and I love going on runs together on weekends and taking his dog, Woody, for walks! Jason definitely encourages me to be more adventurous and being active will always be a part of our lives.

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