Most of us are focused on trying to look as young as possible as long as possible, but now a new program might give you a peek at how wrinkly you will get.

According to Today, the software, developed by researchers at the University of Washington, is the first of its kind and can take a single photograph of a child and show that child all through adulthood.

The Today anchors gave it a shot this week. "It not only alters the person's image, but it changes your actual facial features," Natalie Morales said. "It changes the shape of your face, not just adding that sprinkle of gray in the hair or wrinkles."

The program compares original photos to ones on the internet to accurately age faces. Researchers are hoping it could aid law enforcement officials in the search for missing or abducted persons, and surgeons are optimistic that the program could have an impact on plastic and cosmetic surgery, though it's too soon to gauge what kind of impact it will really have. For now, if nothing else, it could provide a neat peek into the future.

If you've ever wondered how you might age, check out the program here, and then tell us: Would you want to see how you'll look when you're older? Let us know below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!