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According to new research, men become 'invisible' sexually to younger women when they reach the ripe age of 39. The study found that as men approach 40, they are viewed more as father figures than sex symbols, and the biggest sign of this new status was not being eyed up by women during a night on the town, the Daily Mail reports.

(An important asterisk: The survey was commissioned by a spokesperson for the Crown Clinic Manchester-which offers hair transplant surgeries-who also says that 40 is the most popular age for men to seek a hair transplant.)

While it's sort of nice to see men receive the same criticism that women can't seem to escape as they age, we have our doubts-at least when it comes to the rich and famous. It's hard to believe any of the below 39-year-old celebs would have trouble getting hit on in bars. And maybe it's just us, but since when did being a father preclude being sexy?


Bradley Cooper. Case in point.


Claire Danes' English hubby Hugh Dancy is 39, a dad, and still smokin' hot.


Leonardo DiCaprio looks even hotter now than he did in his Titanic days.


The things David Beckham does to us...


New dad Jason Sudeikis will be 39 come September and we don't mind one bit.


50 Cent reached the supposed age of un-sexiness last week.


Dex Shepard is yet another soon to be 40-year-old dad who scored Kristen Bell.


We just couldn't resist this photo of Ryan Phillippe. Too good.