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Our brains went a bit berserk when we first heard about facial exercises. "A workout...for your face?" we exclaimed, amused and dubious. "There's no way that could actually do anything. Right? Right?! Tell us everything!!"

We'd never been more distraught (except for maybe the time we realized our love affair with cheese might be causing us to break out). After all the countless serums, peels, masks, creams, and lasers we've undergone, was the answer to a firmer, tighter visage simply the same as the answer to a firmer, tighter butt? What does exercising your face even entail? Was there a face-exercise gym we could visit in the nearby vicinity?

Desperate for answers and feeling the hysteria setting in, we consulted with three experts in the skin-care industry to weigh in on facial exercise-what it is, how to do it, the benefits, the doubts, and everything in between. What we found was very interesting. Did it work? Yes, but not exactly in the way that you think it might. [Click here to get the full scoop at Refinery29!]

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June 23, 2018
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