Since having my children, sleep hasn't been the same. While my kids have been sleeping through the night for years, I was still waking up once or twice each evening, which I assumed was normal.

One of the first questions my trainer, Tomery, asked me was regarding my sleep. "It's important your body is resting enough to ensure efficient weight loss," she said. After telling her that I always woke up in the middle of the night, she explained that our bodies are designed to sleep through the night.

I was confused and asked her about those early-morning bathroom trips. She said that having to use the bathroom shouldn't wake us up. Instead what's happening is our blood sugar is dropping from those late-night snacks, causing us to wake up, and when we do so, we notice we have to use the bathroom.

To try to remedy my problem, we looked at my evening snacking. Sure enough, I was enjoying some type of sweet every night before bed. I munched on apples with almond butter, nuts with dried fruit, or chocolate. Tomery suggested I replace those snacks with something less sweet such as a slice of cheese or some nuts minus the dried fruit.

The first night I woke up once, but the second night I slept until I had to get up and have been ever since. My quality of sleep is better too. I sleep much more soundly and wake up without an alarm every morning at the same time.

Now I pay attention to what I'm eating from dinner on. Giving up my favorite snacks is well worth the refreshing sleep I'm getting in exchange. When I wake up, I'm ready to take on the day and work toward my weight-loss goals!