The Perfect Body, According to Men: Long Legs and Kim Kardashian's Curves


If you could create the perfect woman, ideal in every way, what would she look like? Frankenstein, apparently.

Lingerie and sex toy retailer did a survey asking men and women to each create the perfect woman by pulling parts from different celebrities and stitching them together into one uncanny, er, "perfect" lady. While both perfect women were slender with long legs, flowing hair, and a flat tummy, there were some notable differences. Mainly, men prefer big boobs (like Kim Kardashian's).

Which is as surprising as discovering the sun is yellow. Men also liked curvier hips (Kelly Brook's) and slightly bigger legs (Rosie Huntington-Whitely's) than women chose. Ladies went for a more petite look with Jennifer Anniston's smaller breasts (maybe because we're the ones that have to wrestle those puppies into a sports bra?), Emma Watson's hips, and Elle MacPherson's legs. [Tweet this news!]

What is the point of this little exercise, though? The basic message is that not even the most gorgeous celebrities are beautiful enough. And if they need to be chopped and re-mixed like paper dolls, then what hope do the rest of us have? It also shows a very homogenous style of beauty and suggests that conformity is prettier than uniqueness. Oh yeah, and it objectifies women by breaking us down into our sexiest pieces.

My real problem with this survey, though, is that it makes everyone feel bad about themselves. Men are shown this idealized picture of something they can never have-because that woman doesn't exist-and then feel disappointed with us regular, flawed ladies. And women feel bad that they don't have all those ideal bits and pieces.

And to make sure the negative vibes were evenly distributed, the company also asked both men and women to build the ideal man. You'll be happy to know David Beckham made it into both gender's models. Rather than showing us what we don't have (and then trying to sell us something to fix it), I wish companies would help each person find what is unique and beautiful about them, the way they already are.

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