Reflecting on the Importance of Food

One thing I most love to do is read my magazines in bed, with my pen and paper nearby ready to capture the profound things I learn.

You see, I've always sworn by food and the meaning of it in terms of defining our social lives. I've never heard it put so perfectly until I read an article by Martha Stewart that had me nodding my head up and down with an agreeable outlook on the way food affects our lives.

She says,"Entertaining brings us together, and food is the glue". Think about it. Really think about it. If it weren't for food being present at all of our social events, cookouts, client dinners, holidays, superbowl parties and church dinners, what else would there be? Our bodies need the nourishment, and at the end of the day we all have one thing in common – we enjoy eating.

Stewart also writes, "I reflected on why I love to entertain and at our last dinner party, I gazed around the room and saw guests talking and listening intently to one another and savoring the meal. The room was beautiful in the candlelight, tulips drooping elegantly on the mantel, wine glasses and silverware sparkling on the table – it delighted me. Entertaining is my sport. I love the preparation, the anticipation, the dressing up, the nervousness when guests arrive, and the enjoyment of introducing people who do not know each other, imagining unexpected connections and new friendships."

I'll leave you with this and the very reason I can't wait to "grow up."

One day I will have a house full of people. I'm not saying they will be my children or my husband or even my closest relatives, but I assure you there will be loved ones and plenty of friends because I want to be able to experience this. I want to provide for those I care most about, bring smiles to all their faces and create stories that will be told for a lifetime.

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Signing off Glued to Food,


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