Be Your Best in Your 20s

Embrace your fears

"My mother once sent me a quote: 'Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.' I use that idea to remind myself that in the darkest of times, we're on the verge of beauty and greatness."

Jenna Lee, 28, Fox Business Network Anchor

Stay on the journey

"To gain the confidence to aim for the top, I've learned to accept that where I am at any moment is where I'm supposed to be. So if I don't have a Grammy-winning album this time, it doesn't mean I've failed, just that I have to keep going."

Rissi Palmer, 26, Country Music Artist

Step outside yourself

My yoga teacher told me nervousness is selfish energy. So now whenever I'm anxious about something, like a dinner party, I remind myself that it's about my guests, not me. That calms me and helps me focus on the event.

Katie Lee Joel, 26, Author of The Comfort Table

Be Your Best in Your 30s

Trust your instincts

"I have a picture of myself at 4 years old standing in a big field. I'm tiny, but my expression is strong and purposeful. Whenever the adult in me says 'No, you can't,' I turn to that little girl with her fixed stare who is saying 'Oh, yes, you can.'".

Samantha Brown, 38, Travel Channel Host

Look to future

"When I went through challenges in my life, like my divorce and a new career path, I told myself, 'Focus on where you'll be a year from now.' It helps to know that, in time, the hard parts will be water under the bridge."

Ricki Lake, 39, Producer of The Business of Being Born

Put it in perspective

Taking a moment to gaze at the stars brings you out of your own dramas to see that you-and they-are just a small part of the universe. It makes things seem less dire, and it frees me up to let go of fear, to show the world who I am.

Stephanie Klein, 32, Author of Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp

Be Your Best in Your 40s

Take charge

"As I get older, I've realized that even if I can't control a situation, I can control my response to it. So instead of stressing out over a challenge, I think, 'If someone else can do it, so can I!' Then I stop worrying and just go and do it."

Ingrid Hoffman, 43, Food Network Host

Create an alter ego

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 43, I drew an image of myself as a superhero kicking cancer's bony, sickly butt. It was my own way of practicing visualization: I saw it. I drew it. I became it."

Marisa Acocella Marchetto, 47, Cartoonist and Author of Cancer Vixen: A True Story

Stand up straight

"On days I don't feel my best, I walk tall so it looks like I have all the confi dence in the world, which helps me gain it. How you carry yourself makes a big difference, not just in how other people regard you, but also in how you perceive yourself."

Tamilee Webb, 49, Buns of Steel Star