Updated: November 15, 2017

We heard the news that Cookie, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, and Gourmet (a foodie mag that's been around since 1940!) are all closing down. When you work at a magazine it's always sad when you hear about another one that's folding. When I was in college, and just starting out in my journey to work in magazines, many professors told me not to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak, as print media would merge with the digital age, dramatically changing how everyone reads magazines. And while this is true in many ways (a new online home magazine, Lonnymag.com just launched-and Shape is launching on Kindle at the end of this year too), I have to be honest: I still find magazines so special because of the tangibility factor of them...I love flipping through the pages and clipping out articles…and I think a lot of people agree! This is why I'm proud to be at Shape-our readers use our magazine as a diet and exercise bible; religiously turning to it each month to bring to the gym or use at home when they're cooking (I always did this too even before I started working here!). Because your health will always be a number priority, Shape will always be here to help-in many different versions.



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