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How I Learned to Ask for What I Want In Bed

This writer's story of sexual awakening—and the aha! moment of finding equal pleasure in bed—just might inspire you to seek more out of your own sex life.
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How to Explore Nipple Play During Solo and Partnered Sex

Nipple stimulation is really an underappreciated sexual art form that deserves some attention.
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How to Explore Anal Masturbation

Yes, anal masturbation is a thing—and you should definitely try it.
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I Accidentally Ended Up In a Polyamorous Triad—Here's What I Learned from It

The beauty of non-monogamy is that you can tear down the social and emotional constructs you've been fed and DIY a unique dynamic that ebbs and flows and works for you. Here's how that went for me.
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A Female Gyno Shamed Me for My Lack of Pubic Hair—and I'm Not Alone

Had I heard her wrong? Was she making a weird joke? Was she judging me? Was it her way of trying to tell me pubic hair existed for a reason and I should have it?
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Here's the Average Penis Size, In Case You Were Curious

Yes, there is a ton of science on average penis length and girth—even if it has little to no effect on satisfaction.
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How One Woman Met the Love of Her Life On a 5K

Camilla Swagar wanted to create an event for active singles to get together, get to know each other, and get moving. So she created Love Me Run—and the rest is history.
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Over 1,100 Shoppers Gave This Vibrator a Perfect Rating—and It’s 30 Percent Off Right Now

"I am not even suggesting you buy one.... I’m demanding it.”