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10 Reasons Being In a Relationship with the Gym Is Better Than One with a Human

Being in a relationship can be great, but it can also be a mess. Sometimes, we just want to ditch all those human feels and pledge monogamy to the one place that's our true bae: the gym. Here's why trading love and romance for lifting and running is sometimes the better way to go:

1. If you're going to commit to something, you might as well commit to something that's absolutely sure to help—not hurt—you.

Rachel McAdams Hate Other People

Relationships can come with drama, heartbreak, depression (and, sure, some nice stuff too, like cuddling). But being fully committed to the gym can only do good things for you (like score you a super hot bod and help relieve stress).

2. The gym won't ever cancel dates or stop texting you back.

Texting Cell Phone Ugh

It's always there; can't run away, can't hide, and can't refuse to answer your texts, snaps, and Facebook messages. Now that is what we call a reliable partner.

3. But it never asks questions when you skip a workout or take a break.

Parks and Rec Not Do Things

No "where are you?" "why won't you call me back?" or "we need to talk" texts. Ever. (Plus, there are these are totally legit Reasons You Should Skip a Workout for when you just. can't. even. make it to the gym.)

4. It always accepts you for exactly who you are.

Miley Cyrus Hot Mess

Gym pants, hair tied, runnin' with no makeup on—that's the way it likes you best. Even in your grossest, sweatiest state. It knows you at your worst (when you basically died after that spin class) and at your finest (when you crushed unassisted pull-ups for the first time), and will take you any way it can get.

5. The only cheating that happens is on your form during those last few squat reps.

Orlando Bloom You Cheated

In our 2015 survey with Men's Fitness, 58 percent of people admitted to cheating at least once in a relationship. Guess who never cheats? The gym.

6. Workout endorphins are a girl's best friend.

Legally Blonde Endorphins

When you're in pain (read: during those last few excruciating reps) your body releases natural opiate-like endorphins that give you that buzzy, happy feeling. It's like the post-bedroom romp endorphin rush, but even easier to get. (That runner's high could be as strong as a drug high—seriously.)

7. It makes you smarter.

Naya Rivera Hot and Smart Michelle Obama

Studies have shown that exercise improves memory, learning, and other brain functions . While being in a relationship doesn't necessarily make you less smart, it can give you tunnel vision. (Like skipping that meeting to play hooky to Netflix and chill—not the smartest move.)

8. You're not locked down to one gym, class, or workout buddy.

New Girl Do What I Want

Which is better for your physical fitness and your brain. Studies show that workouts that challenge your body in different ways—weightlifting one day, yoga and running the next—are super effective at upping your fitness level over time. Your brain gets stronger too; one stu dy published in the Journal of Physiology found that different types of exercises affect your brain in different ways, meaning the more you switch it up, the better the mental benefit.

9. It's anything but complicated.

Honey Boo Boo Drama

Show up, work out, feel great. The hardest thing you have to do is pick out an outfit or decide on a class. (But with a selection of printed leggings this amazing, it's easy to see why picking your gym outfit could be tough.)

10. There's no possibility of heartbreak.


If you've ever been through a rough break-up, you understand the deathly feelings that come with a broken heart. The gym will never, ever make you feel that way, so there's no reason to hold back. Get in there and kill it, girl.


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