There's a special magic that comes with getting sweaty with your swolemate (outside the sheets)

By Lauren Mazzo

1. You have matching appetites.

That is, you're incessantly hungry.

2. They recognize when you're hangry, and know not to mess with you.

3. You understand each other's need to eat healthy.

When everyone else is ordering takeout every night for dinner, you're sticking together, snacking on chicken and veggies.

4. You don't need to ask to have a bite of their food-they're already giving you some before you even ask.

But you also know which things are totally off limits. Stealing some of their peanut butter? Not OK.

5. And you both prioritize working out, which no one else understands.

Gym with bae over everything, naturally.

6. Your favorite workout partners? Each other, of course.

You can't fake good gym chemistry.

7. When you hit the gym together, you know all their habits.

Don't you dare skip that last set. And yes, I know you can run faster than that.

8. And you get just as proud of their new accomplishments as you do of your own.

Your gainz are my gainz.

9. You know their "point-of-exhaustion" face better than their "O" face.

10. You're sore together, which makes the pain slightly more bearable.

And also an excuse for couple's massages all the time.

11. When you walk around together it's like a sportswear ad has come to life.

Partially because you only ever buy and wear workout clothes, and partially because you're both fit AF.

12. You have competitions over whose six-pack looks better that day.

(And whose food baby is bigger after a date-night cheat meal.)

13. Working out without your partner is almost as bad as secretly watching ahead on your Netflix series.

14. In the end, it's all about the fact that you put up with each other's craziness, and still like each other.


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