From the truly charming to the necessary break-ups, here are the top moments in our fave TV show's romantic relationships

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If you tune in to Nick at Night every evening at 11 p.m. or simply stop channel flipping when you catch a glimpse of Joey Tribbiani, you'll revel in this news: Every episode of Friends will be available on Netflix in January! Can we get a collective "woohoo" for being able to stream the series whenever we need a mood boost? Thought so. And in honor of the show that celebrates lasting relationships, we've rounded up 14 times they got romance right. Here, the top moments with real life lessons.

1. When Rachel leaves Barry because she's simply not in love with him. You just can't marry someone you don't love, even if you're as dependent as Rachel was in that pilot episode. Sure, she could have done it sooner but better late than never, amiright? (For further verification on the best reason to get married, see #10.)

2. When Ross is there for Rachel at prom. Rachel falls so hard for Ross after seeing him get dressed and ready to take her to the big dance when her date (almost!) didn't show up. If stepping up like that doesn't make your heart melt for a man, we're not sure what will.

3. When Monica turns down Mr. Millionaire. Sometimes you're just not physically attracted to someone. And despite how much you wish you could change it, dollar bills-no matter how many-don't light the bedroom fire. Only a spark of attraction does.

4. When Monica and Richard break up because of the great kids debate. It's actually a deal breaker if one person in a relationship really wants kids and the other really doesn't. So perhaps its best to figure that out before it gets too serious.

5. When Monica realizes Chip Matthews is no longer the coolest kid in school. If rom coms haven't already taught you that the most popular boys in high school are sometimes the least successful, then let Chip act as a reminder. When a guy lives at home and still works at his very first job as a teen, he's probably not a very driven individual and he also probably gives grown-ups wedgies, like Chip.

6. When Rachel decides she shouldn't hook up with Mark just to get back at Ross. It's a tough mental battle, but we all know getting revenge on an ex by having sex with someone else does more harm than good. Just score a promotion and look super hot instead.

7. When Monica realizes it's okay for Chandler to see what's in her secret closet. Monica is obviously a neat freak, but everyone has a few flaws and it's always nice to know your partner will love you anyway. Plus, who doesn't have an organized mess somewhere?

8. When Ross breaks up with Jill, Rachel's sister. Let's say it's always best to put your ex's siblings on the no-date list.

9. When Monica welcomes Chandler to an adult relationship. It's okay to have a fight every now and then (in fact, it's pretty weird if you don't), it's just a matter of how you handle it, learning from it, and reaching a compromise of some kind in the end. And that's how Chandler finally made a relationship last.

10. When Monica teaches Chandler a lesson on marriage. Before he put a legit ring on it, Chandler proposed to Monica because he was afraid Richard was going to. When Monica says he shouldn't propose out of fear, he says the best reason to propose to a girl is because she's pregnant (I mean, it was the ‘90s). Finally, Monica reminds Chandler that the best actual reason for an engagement is love-and ain't that the truth!

11. When Monica says she doesn't need a big, fancy wedding. It's easy to get wrapped up in the idea of a stellar venue, expensive flowers, and hundreds of guest at your wedding, but as Chandler made Monica realize, it's the marriage that counts. And maybe you can save the money for something more beneficial-like a sweet couples vacation.

12. When Phoebe is with Mike, in general. Their whole relationship was just too cute and funny, from when they first met and Mike played the faux piano to their hilariously sweet engagement (with the ring in the cake) to their post-wedding name changes. Also, Paul Rudd. He always deserves a mention.

13. When Rachel dumps Paolo because he made a pass at Phoebe. Phoebe is a good friend, and also, anytime a guy you're seeing makes a move on your friend, it's time to say goodbye. (Plus, it was just animal sex between Rachel and Paolo anyway. Right, Ross?)

14. When Ross and Rachel work it out. Okay, this happened a few times (and then the opposite happened a few more times), but we're talking Emma. No matter how bad their fights or past break-ups became, they always put the baby first. And nothing will compare to the saga that was their relationship.

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