Sex toy shops are selling more than just vibrators—some offer sex tips, tricks, and orgasm techniques too. Our writer shares what she learned from a sex class


Let's get one thing straight: "Sex school" is nothing like your high school sex ed class. Instead, sex classes-often sponsored by female-friendly sex toy boutiques-teach classes like "The Art of the Blowjob" (offered at Babeland stores in Seattle and New York) and "Think Outside the Box" (Pleasure Chest stores in New York and Los Angeles). And while the class names may sound risqué, participants keep their clothes on-and are taught by knowledgeable sex educators who aren't afraid to delve deep into their material. I know because I sat in on an "Art of the Blowjob" class at New York's Babeland. And I definitely think continuing ed can only be a good thing. (Continue your own education here with these 5 Sexting Tips Every Woman Should Know!)

Here, five takeaways from a sex class.

Relax and Embrace Your Silly Side


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The class I attended served complimentary glasses of prosecco prior to class, and plenty of couples, as well as groups of friends, were in attendance. Also available: bananas for everyone, so certain techniques could be practiced. Yes, it felt silly, but not only did it break the ice, it actually was totally helpful in learning key techniques.

Sex Should Be Fun


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Sure, new techniques-and trust me, there were plenty, including some very specific hand and mouth combinations I can't wait to try-are always awesome to have in your arsenal. But the underlying message that the sex educators present in these classes is that sex should, first and foremost, be fun for both parties. Even if a move ends up being ridiculous or awkward in real life, it can still be a major bonding moment between you and your guy.

There's Always More to Learn


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Before I attended the lecture, I never thought about ways vibrators could be incorporated into oral sex (you can hold it against your cheek as you're doing the deed). But these types of tricks are ones that can definitely make your next session interesting-and are well worth the cost of the lecture.

Communication Is Key


So much of sex is about communication. In fact, instructors advocate having a regular sex date with your partner-one where you don't actually have sex, but instead talk about what types of sexy things you're both curious about. When you're actually naked in the bedroom, it can be hard to talk. Without distractions, it's easier to discuss the stuff on your sex bucket list. But sex ain't easy to chat about-are we right? For some post-class reading, don't miss 7 Conversations You Must Have for a Healthy Sex Life.

Sex Is About Adventure


Pushing your boundaries-which can sometimes be as simple as hearing the word penis said aloud in a public room without giggling-in a comfortable, safe space can only make your sex life hotter. (Pushing your boundaries could also mean testing out one of these 5 most popular female fantasies.) But even if you come away from a sex class thinking you'd rather continue expanding your sexual repertoire with, ahem, private lessons between you and him, that's still something you never would have known if you hadn't sat through a sex lecture.

To find a class in your area, ask your local sex toy boutique for recommendations.