By Anna Davies
July 25, 2014

You're hot, you're wearing very little clothing, and you've got an endless expanse of water right in front of you for quick clean up. Still, just because doing the deed on the beach seems appealing doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to give it a go. Here, five things to know about sex on the beach that they don't show you in the movies.

1. You could get arrested. Indecent exposure is no joke. While laws vary from state to state, almost every area has some sort of ordinance on the books that can get you in trouble-and then your name is in the local police blotter. Not exactly something you want a future employer or boyfriend finding during a Google search.

2. It'll bother your lady parts-not in a good way. Even the smoothest sand beaches can cause chafing when you're rolling around on them-especially if you're already sweaty. "Chafing can cause swelling, inflammation, burning, redness, and rash," explains Melissa Wolf, M.D., author of Do You Have a Tipped Uterus? 69 Things Your Gynecologist Wishes You Knew.

3. It can up your risk of infection. "Sand abrasions around the genital area can increase susceptibility to infections including chlamydia, herpes, and HIV," warns Wolf. Not only that, but the friction issue can also do major damage on condoms.

4. Your guy won't be the only one attracted below the belt. Sand flies, fleas, and other critters will suddenly have intimate access to your most sensitive parts, reminds Wolf. Bites on your vulva area-or on his penis-are uncomfortable at best, and may become infected in the upcoming days because of the hot, enclosed environment created by your undies.

5. Wet and wild? Not really. Think you can bypass these downsides by heading into the ocean? Not exactly. Even though it may seem like the ocean creates a slippery environment, that's not necessarily the case. Weirdly, water can actually contribute to vaginal dryness, which won't exactly make sex feel awesome.