Going slow can lead to more passionate, intense sex
Dan Saelinger / Trunk Archive

Should you spend more time in the sack? Absolutely-it can lead to more passionate, intense sex. We break down with these five reasons why you should take it slow tonight:

1. You'll get more pleasure. Being leisurely takes the pressure off. "You're caught up in the moment, instead of worrying about having an orgasm," says Petra Zebroff, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist in Vancouver, British Columbia. "The lack of stress can make it easier to reach that climax." (Another way to get more pleasure? These 5 G-Spot Sex Positions You Have to Try.)

2. You can be creative. It's easy to fall into a rut in the bedroom, especially if you've been together for a while, Zebroff says. Spending more time on sex lets you experiment and try new positions and techniques.

3. It's super intimate. "Going slow encourages eye con- tact, lots of kissing, and an overall sensual appreciation of your partner," says Emily Morse, Ph.D., a sexologist and the host of the Sex With Emily podcast.

4. You'll finish strong. When you're relaxed, your skin actually becomes more sensitive to touch, Zebroff notes. That plus the long buildup means your orgasm can be extra-intense.

5. The good feeling will last. Your brain will release mood-boosting and stress-reducing chemicals for longer, which can extend your postsex glow, Morse says. (Skipping sex? You can run to get those feel-good chemicals too.)

Did you know? 53 percent of women say the key factor in good sex is an emotional connection, according to Kindara. To boost your bond, reminisce about sweet moments the two of you have shared. Research shows that reliving happy memories makes couples feel closer.