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6 Men Share Candid Confessions About True Love


If you've ever wondered what your guy is thinking, look no futher than your local barber shop. While the privacy of a swivel chair, a (mostly) all-female salon, and sometimes even a cocktail (thanks, Drybar!) tend to open us up the minute we sit down with our hairdresser, we're not the only ones spilling love secrets. Stylists hear stories all day long, back-to-back, for hours on end—even from men!

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In fact, the grooming and shaving experts over at The Art of Shaving recently sat down to find out exactly what guys spill to the people they entrust with their locks. The question they asked: Tell us about your most important relationship. So, do you want to know what some (might we add very well-groomed) gentlemen think about that most important relationship (ahem, you!)? Check out the video below for their confessions on love, the key to a lasting relationship, how a man knows when it's "right," breakups, 30-year marriages, and more. We won't tell!


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