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8 Ways to Keep Your Love (and Metabolism) Burning

Dance Lessons

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There is no sexier workout in the world than dancing. It's a great excuse to get close to your new man and move your body in rhythm with his. Plus, dancing strengthens and tones every single tiny muscle in your body, so the fat-burning benefits continue long after you've mastered the moves. Deep down, every man wants to be suave enough to pull off Swayze-esque dance moves!

Jogging and Hiking

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Going for a run or hike together gives you the perfect opportunity to connect since men communicate better when they are side to side with you as opposed to face to face. Plus, a brisk walk can burn up to 160 calories in only 30 minutes.


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Tennis is a great way to inspire flirty, fun competition between you and your guy. A little trash talk and short skirt can go a long way! A game of tennis will have you sprinting so fast after that little yellow ball that you won’t even notice what a great workout you’re getting (hello, intervals!). This sport also keeps you at such a distance from your man that he'll be dying to be near you by the end of the match.

Boot Camp

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Men love to show off their strength as one of the feathers in their plume, and we love to watch! Seeing your man in a primal, weight-lifting state can be a huge turn on. Boot camps are popping up all over the country, and several of these workouts include partner exercises. Show off your endurance as you both challenge what you thought your body could achieve. Accomplishing physical goals together as a couple will solidify your bond.


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It isn’t exactly like boot camp, but sex does count as aerobic activity. (As long as your heart rate is soaring, which it certainly should be!) The more creative and active you get in the bedroom, the more potential calories you can burn. Research shows that sex not only forms a deep chemical connection between you and your partner, it can also keep your pelvic floor muscles tight and toned (lower abs anyone?). These are some of the most important muscles for women to train as they age and have children. If Sunday is your “off” day at the gym, at least keep it spicy in the boudoir.

Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing pushes you in ways a dinner date never could! It tests a couples’ true dynamic through trust and communication. With one person literally hanging in the others hands, this is a quick way to strengthen your shoulders, legs, and your understanding of how well you work together. A word to the wise, if your relationship is on the rocks, you may not want to test it on the rocks! On the flip side, when you’re ready for it, being out of your comfort zone with your man can bring you closer than ever before.


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Most men need to work on their flexibility anyway, and he’ll love taking pointers from you! Yoga is a perfect blend of a mind and body workout. On a day when you're both feeling a bit stressed, this could be the best way to harness your chi and put you back in sync.


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Whether it’s on pavement or ice, skating is a great way to torch major calories while still nestling safe in his arms, not to mention the constant threat of a spill will keep you both in a firm grip. Skating also helps sculpt killer legs that no man can resist.


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