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8 Ways Your Man Meddles with Your Metabolism

You Eat What He Eats

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Men generally eat more, eat worse, and eat out more often than their female counterparts. When you're with your man 24/7 you may start to match his eating patterns. Research shows that while your guy is likely to lose weight through your positive food influence, you're more liable to pack on pounds when you're a witness to his ordering deep-fried appetizers or another round of Guinness!

The solution: Meals are symbolic of happy times together, but don't let this determine how much you will "happily" consume. One of the best tricks to gauge your true hunger is to imagine a steak dinner. If you feel hungry enough to eat that, then you have room to spare. If you can't stomach the thought, you may be done for that meal. You can share a lot of things, but his metabolism is not one of them!

You Can't Seem to Make Your 7 a.m. Spin Class Anymore

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When you're choosing between another hour in bed wrapped in his arms or a grueling 45-minute group cycling class the choice seems easy. Is a cardio ass-kicking necessary when your endorphins are raised simply being by his side?

The solution: Keep in mind one simple idea: Exercise boosts sex drive! To keep your sack sessions frequent and fabulous keep your fitness routine on track. The more you exercise, the more likely your lower pelvic floor will remain tight and toned. These muscles are a huge benefit in long-term lovemaking.

You're Going Out to Eat… All the Time!

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Before your stud muffin came along it was easy to dine solo or cook at home. Now that there are two of you, the occasional night out has spread to frequent brunches, drinks, dinners, and desserts! It's easy to laugh off calories when you've got stars in your eyes, but it won't take long for those consistent dinner dates to start adding tension to your tights.

The solution: A great alternative to eating out is cooking together at home, where you know what ingredients are going into your meals. After all, the old adage is true: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Not much of a chef? Enjoy your meals out but decide to order an appetizer and split your entrée.

You've Swapped Ladies Night for Movie Night

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Not that all those cosmos were low calorie anyway, but at least you were out and about and in your shortest mini-skirt showing off your hard work on the dance floor. Once you've nabbed the man of your dreams, there's nothing more comfy than settling into the couch and commencing with "movie night." The only problem is, every night can easily become movie night with him!

The solution: If you fell in love with him, there is no doubt that he still wants you to have your night on the town with the girls. This will keep you up and moving instead of falling asleep to Braveheart… again. Plus, the girls will be happy you didn't fall into the relationship trap of becoming MIA!

Your "Me Time" is Now "We Time"

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So he doesn't dig yoga? Buh-bye downward dog! He doesn't know how to dance? See ya Salsa Saturdays! Falling into the spiral of new love can alter the activities you've always planned for yourself. It's easy to meld your interests to his since you want to spend as much time together as possible.

The solution: The number one thing that couples need is time away from each other to remember why they're wild for one another. Odds are he fell for you because you had a full, independent life with all sorts of activities and interests. Hang on to your me time by continuing to make room for your favorite workout or activity that you would hate to lose.

You've Ditched Your Stilettos for Sweatpants

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Why on earth would you do that!? Because he loves you more in his old t-shirt than your trendiest dress. The harm that can pose is that there is always room to grow in his baggy clothes. You may not notice a few pounds sneaking up on you if you constantly push your fashion favorites to the back of the closet.

The solution: Dress up for each other once a week. It will keep you honest about where your body is, as most women go by how their clothes fit as opposed to what the number on the scale. Added bonus: He will love the fact that you took the time to look amazing for him. He loves your body just the way the way it is… and so do you!

You've Rubbed Off on Each Other

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He has a passion for pulled pork, a sensation for sweets, and a taste for tater tots… and now, so do you. You may suddenly find yourself addicted to foods you never even knew could be fried! Your partner's activity level and nutritional habits can easily start to become yours, especially when your new fling evolves into a long-term situation.

The solution: Limits and boundaries, boundaries and limits. Simply said, keep your wits about you! You've spent your womanhood understanding which foods sit comfortably in your stomach and which do not, so don't lose that awareness now! Try to gently impart more of your healthy outlook on him before his sweet and savory vices get the best of you.

You've Given Up Your Post-Work Calorie Burn to be with Him

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If you couldn't wake up early enough to tone your bod, your after work burn was the next available option; however, it's easy to skip when you know he is waiting for you!

The solution: Between work and sleep there aren't always enough hours in the day to condition your body and spend time with your guy. The best possible solution is to work out together. Find a way that you can both keep yourselves in shape such as boot camp, rock climbing, or simply running next to each other on the treadmill. It will be good motivation to push, yourself knowing that he's watching you sculpt the parts he loves.


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