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9 Sex Tips to Bring Sustainability into the Bedroom

Invest in Organic Cotton Sheets

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Generate some heat between the sheets, but keep it eco-conscious! These great diamond-print sheets ($298; are perfect for the lazy summer days ahead. They're totally organic, and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Bonus? Order them today, and you'll get free "carbon-free" shipping.

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Wrap Yourself in an Organic Blanket

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Cozy up to your S.O. under this 100 percent organic blanket from Threshold ($50; Although its lightweight material makes it perfect for spring weather, the throw is double-needle stitched so it'll last longer than a single season. On top of the eco-friendly nature, each blanket also comes in tons of cute patterns and colors. Grab one, grab 'em all.

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Wear Eco-Friendly Condoms

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Sustain condoms ($15; kind of have it all. Low-odor and nitrosamines-free, these little protection packages are also fair-trade, vegan, and non-GMO. On top of that, 10 percent of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to organizations that support women's health.


Use Organic Lube

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With just a little bit of vanilla and lemon, this slightly-sweet organic lube ($12; could be your new bedroom companion. By Good Clean Love, the lubricant is 100 percent vegan and totally edible—made with a mixture of natural ingredients like aloe vera, xanthan gum, and seaweed. (Psst..Everything You Need to Know About Lube)

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Light Soy Candles

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Love by candelight? Set the mood with these super-cute, eco-friendly soy candles from The Honest Company ($20; Each candle is vegan and GMO-free, with an unbleached wick and made of only soy wax and essential oils. Plus, they come in three lovely scents to ignte your senses: gardenia jasmine, lavender vanilla, and orange cypress. Mmm...

Photo: The Honest Company

Buy Vegan Organic Condoms

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These fair-trade, non-GMO condoms deserve a spot on your protection checklist ($6; Formulated without nasty ingredients like casein, talc, parabens, or spermicides, Glyde's double-washing process also wipes out the taste of latex, leaving behind a natural vanilla flavor—giving "vanilla" sex a whole new meaning.

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Try a Smarter Vibrator

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Take your toys to the next level by making them environmentally-conscious! The awesome Leaf+ vibrator ($130; is phthalate-free and rechargeable—plus, it comes in four different shapes and a variety of functions (like "wave" and "pulse") for different kinds of pleasure. (Iffy on the whole vibrator thing? Convince yourself otherwise with 5 Masturbation Tips for a Mind-Blowing Solo Session.)

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Play Around with Eco-Friendly, Edible Oils

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Hemp-based product company Earthly Body has a whole line of sexy items, from tingly balms to massage candles. Their edible massage oil ($16; is also an eco-friendly addition to your bedroom; it's completely vegan, void of harmful additives like parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, propylene glycol, dyes, sulfates, and alcohol—and yet it tastes like sweet, sweet strawberries.

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Slip into Sustainable Lingerie

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You can feel good about slipping into this before sexy time! Designer Stella McCartney has launched a complete line of sustainable lingerie: bras, panties, corsets, and camisoles all made with materials like recycled hardware and organic cotton. We like this delicate silk chemise, which is basically the stuff of your guy's fantasies ($250;

Photo: Stella McCartney


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