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The Best Fitness Valentine's Day Cards to Give Your Swolemate

For Your Interval Buddy

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Whether it's your lover who gets your heart pumping or just that friend who drags you to HIIT class every week, this card is spot-on for showing your appreciation. Bonus: That adorable, biceps-curling heart is a removable embroidered patch that'll have them thinking about you long after roses would have died. ($5;

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For Your Partner Yogi

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If you cherish date nights on your mat, this is the perfect V-day card for your fellow yogi. Yoga humor? Check. Mild sexual innuendo? Check. ($5;

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For Your Carbo-Loading Partner In Crime

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The inside may say, "My soulmate might be carbs," but give this to your doughnut- and burger-eating buddy and they'll know they're just as important to your carb obsession as the treats themselves. ($5;

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For the Other Half of Your Partner WOD

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Thrusters are killer, but finding the perfect Valentine's Day card for your CrossFit mate doesn't need to be. ($4;

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For Your Heavyweight Spotter

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It's tough to express enough gratitude toward the person who makes sure a 150-pound barbell doesn't fall on your face. This card gets pretty damn close. ($4;

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For Your Lifting Buddy

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Would bae rather do 10 leg days in a row instead of set foot on a treadmill? This V-day card is the flirty way to tease that cardio aversion. Plus, you can assure them that strength training is the best workout for better sex anyway. ($5;

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For Your Fellow Cycopath

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Only bike people truly understand other bike people. For a cycopathic couple, this card is spot-on. (And so are these 14 reasons riding bikes is seriously badass.) ($4;

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For Your Running GF

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Can't imagine a long run or race season without this babe by your side? Show your sole sister some V-day love with this handmade watercolor card. ($7;

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For Your Fitbit Nemesis

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Husband, girlfriend, roomie, or sibling constantly topping your pedometer bests? Say, "I love you, but IT'S ON," with this cheeky pick. ($4;

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For Whoever Convinced You to Go Keto

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There's nothing like sipping butter coffee in the morning with bae—especially when you've just given him or her this too-perfect card. ($4;

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For Your No-Nonsense Swolemate

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Some people hate puns. Those people suck the fun out of everything—but at least there are some pun-less fitness Valentine's Day cards out there. ($4;

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