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The Best Lube for Any Sex Scenario

The Best Lube for: Shower Sex

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Silicone-based lube is your best bet for sex in a wet environment, explains Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., associate professor at Indiana University and author of The Coregasm Workout. Reach for a brand that’s long lasting and won't absorb easily into the skin, like Uberlube ($18; (Learn Everything You Need to Know About Lube to figure out which type of lubricant will suit your sex needs.)

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The Best Lube for: Flavor

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For the couple that likes to take a break mid-penetration to enjoy some oral play, you’re going to want a lubricant that doesn’t taste like you’re ingesting chemicals. “Flavored lubes from Sliquid are not only glycerin-, propylene glycol-, and paraben-free—they also come in all sorts of fun flavors like piña colada and pink lemonade,” says Erin Basler-Francis, content and brand manager at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, a non-profit sexuality education and advocacy organization in Rhode Island ($13;

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The Best Lube for: Sex Toys

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“Water/silicone hybrid lubes are the safest bet for silicone sex toys,” says Basler-Francis. Straight silicone lube breaks down the silicone of your sex toys (annoying since most gadgets aren’t cheap!). In a hybrid lube, though, there are extra molecules in the mix to bond with, making the silicone less likely to bond with itself and safe, she explains. Water-based will work too. Check out one of Basler-Francis’s favorites: Pink Unity ($15;

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The Best Lube for: Sex with a Condom

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Never use an oil-based lube—it’ll tear away at the condom’s material, making your protection moot, says Herbenick. Silicone-based lube can be used here, but Hebernick recommends a water-base. “Water-based lube is good for anything and everything except sex in a shower or bath tub,” says Herbenick. Try Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked, a water-based lube that includes aloe ($15; (Using water-based lubes is one our recommended 5 Masturbation Tips for a Mind-Blowing Solo Session.)

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The Best Lube for: Her Pleasure

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“It’s a trend for many lubricants to include ingredients like L-arginine, which is an amino acid that heightens arousal when applied to your clitoris or your vagina,” says Emily Morse, sexologist, and host of the Sex With Emily podcast. A popular product that Morse recommends is the LifeStyles’ Excite Stimulating Sensual Gel ($7; This gives you a tingling, warming sensation as the stimulating gel increases blood flow to your genitals and can increases your likelihood of orgasm, Morse says.

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The Best Lube for: Sensitivities

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For those with sensitive vaginas—meaning prone to yeast infections or vaginitis—having a lube that’s glycerin-, propylene glycol-, and paraben-free can be a game changer, says Basler-Francis. You can’t go wrong with Sliquid’s Organic line, which contains both water-based and water/silicone hybrid options ($13;

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The Best Lube for: Short Notice

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Sometimes you need lube and can’t make it to a sex shop to buy it. Luckily, if your drugstore carries condoms they will also carry the quality lube made by ONE. The condom company offers both a silicone called MOVE ($20; and water-based formula OASIS ($14;, says Basler-Francis. Astroglide, another popular brand that can be picked up on the fly, has just come out with sensitive skin and natural formulas that are paraben and glycerin free, she adds.

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The Best Lube for: Vaginal Dryness

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Water-based lubricants are the most commonly used in this case because they’re totally body safe (as long as they are glycerin-free), says Morse. Check out one of Morse’s favorites: JO For Women H2O Water Based Lubricant ($10; (FYI your vaginal dryness could be a result of one of these 6 Culprits of "Down There" Dryness.)

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The Best Lube for: Sex Without a Condom

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The only rule of thumb for condom-less sex is to steer clear of oil-based lubes, which aren’t great for vaginal sex (they can irritate the walls of your vagina). Silicone is hypoallergenic, and most water-based lubes are body-safe, so this really boils down to personal preference, says Basler-Francis. That means any of the other best lubes listed will work, or try Wet Platinum Premium Concentrated Lubricant Serum—the silicone-based formula has the added bonus of helping with vaginal dryness, which can slow down your satisfaction ($15;

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The Best Lube for: Getting Pregnant

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Lube does more than just keep things slick—it actually prevents your man’s swimmers from, well, swimming. If you’re trying to conceive, don’t fret: Researchers at the State University of New York Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse determined that Pre-Seed was the only brand tested that didn’t impair sperms’ ability to move forward ($24;

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The Best Lube for: Anal Sex

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The anus, unlike the vagina, does not self-lubricate when aroused. So you really can’t go wrong with using a lot of lube when trying this out with your guy. And since silicone-based lubricants tend to last longer, your best bet is having a bottle of that on hand, explains Morse. What’s more, Morse says there are certain lubricants that are made solely for anal sex, such as Pjur’s relaxing silicone anal glide ($65; But since that comes with a steep price tag, a brand such as Uberlube would suffice here too.

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