From wedges to ramps, these expert-recommended sex pillows promise to give your sex life a well-deserved (very pleasurable) ~lift~.  // These underrated, yet classic sex toys can be the perfect accessory to liven up your sex life.

By Jamie Harrison
July 30, 2020
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While there are gizmos and gadgets a plenty (and TG for that), oftentimes what you need to truly ~elevate~ your sex life is something as simple as—drum roll please—a pillow. Even better? A sex pillow.

Let's face it: Sex isn't always as simple as nearly every rom-com makes it seem. And every once in awhile, you may find yourself struggling to hold a certain sex position, whether it's due to angles, discomfort, or just plain awkwardness. This, dear readers, is where sex pillows come into play. In the past, you may have conveniently snagged a typical bed or throw pillow to prop you or your partner up in the heat of the moment—and that's totally okay. However, using an actual sex pillow can open up a whole new world of pleasure. (Related: How Shifting Your Mindset Can Bring More Pleasure to Your Sex Life)

"Sex pillows allow for explorative positions without the discomfort and muscle cramping. They provide the stability and angles that are more difficult to achieve with a normal pillow," says Tory Johnson and Rose Kalasz, co-owners and founders of Awakening Boutique, an independent sex and wellness boutique in Denver.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, sex pillows usually involve some sort of incline that's designed to prop up parts of your body for better access to erogenous zones and, ideally, increased pleasure.

"Sex pillows are something I suggest often to customers," explains Shani Hart, sex educator and co-owner of Hart's Desire, an erotic boutique based in Maryland. "I had a customer recently complain that her male partner was lacking in the size department. The first thing that came to mind was a position pillow. There are certain sexual positions that allow for deeper penetration, and that can be better achieved with a sex pillow."

They also add an extra layer of comfort and mobility. "I don't know about you, but I can only hold my pelvis up for about 30 seconds before I'm tapping out. The pillow takes the stress off of your body," says Hart. "The last thing you want to do while having sex is concentrating on the pain instead of the pleasure."

And the second to last thing you want during sexy time? Worrying about getting, err, fluids on the bedding that someone will ultimately rest their head on for a post-coital nap or later that eve for some zzzs—after all, getting your head in the game can often take long enough (sigh, womanhood). Sex pillows squash those extra stressors and offer a dedicated (typically machine-washable) cushy surface for all of your ~secretions~. (Plus, period sex can be amazing, and this can keep your hips off your clean white sheets.)

Choosing the Right Sex Pillow

While there are sex cushions available for every taste, need, and desire, it's important to find one that best matches your vibe. Basically, whatever sex position you're trying to enhance, make sure to look for a pillow that can help you do so.

"The two main pillow shapes you'll see are the wedge and the ramp," says Chanta Blue, L.C.S.W., sexuality and relationship therapist and owner of Blue Counseling and Wellness Center. "They can be used individually or combined. Sex pillows are great for overall comfort during oral, rear vaginal entry, anal, and missionary positions. There are also mounting pillows that have openings for you to attach your favorite dildo or vibrator for solo play—or a good show for your partner if you're into that." (See also: How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship)

While you can use both types of pillows in a myriad of ways (given how ~freaky~ you want to get, that is), ramps tend to be a bit bigger and are made to support your lower torso and back. Wedges are much smaller and are designed to support specific areas such as elevating your pelvis during missionary or rider on top.

When purchasing a sex pillow, Johnson and Kalasz advise checking out at the firmness, shape, materials, and accessories. "Think about the desired positions or comfort and pleasure you are looking to achieve. Do you want a small or large angle? Super firm or just firm enough? Do you want loops for grabbing or cuffs and/or pockets for toys?" says Johnson. "Most pillows have a removable, water-resistant cover for easy washing."

To help you find the best sex cushion for your pushin', look no further than this list of sex pillows that are deserving of a sexy spin, right now.

Dame Pillo

Dame Pillo Sex Pillow
Credit: Dame

"If you're looking for discretion, we love the Pillo by Dame," says Johnson, who describes this sex pillow as cute and discreet. Meaning: any ole apartment visitor might think it's just a comfy indigo cushion but your sexy S.O. will know otherwise (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Made with cushy-yet-firm polyurethane foam, Pillo—which provides "extra oomph in the bedroom," according to Johnson—helps take familiar positions to a new level (pun very much intended). Next time you're making moves toward missionary position, prop this bad boy under your tush to allow for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. If you're in the mood for a good rodeo sesh, move the Pillo under your partner's butt, with you on top, for greater clitoral stimulation. Added bonus: "Dame is an awesome woman-owned startup that makes great toys as well," he says. (Case in point? The Fin, which is considered one of the best vibrators to use with a partner.)

Liberator Wedge Intimate Sex Positioning Pillow

Credit: Amazon

"One of the most popular sex position pillows is the Liberator Wedge," according to Hart. This tried-and-true option offers a subtle incline and firmness that's ideal for providing support and lift for the missionary position. The sex pillow's 27-degree angle is also perfect for longer oral sessions; when placed under the receiver's hips, the wedge can help take some strain off the giver's neck and gives them better access to your vagina and vulva. (See also: The Best Oral Sex Positions for Women)

It also makes new positions more adaptable and satisfying by deepening the angle of penetration—aka an easier route to your G-spot. But why stop there? When it comes to doggy-style or anal sex, this moisture-resistant cushion has got you covered, taking pressure off your hands or torso and allowing for even more access to your body from behind.

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

Credit: Amazon

If you have a little more room to experiment and/or are feeling adventurous, look no further than the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo, which "offers a wide variety of angles and positions," says Johnson. Technically two sex pillows—a ramp and a wedge—in one, this dynamic duo will undoubtedly help you find angles that work perfectly for you (and your partner's) body. Since this combo is a bit of a larger set, this cushy sex must-have is great for bigger-bodied lovers. The wedge and ramp positioning pillows can be used separately or together in a wide variety of exciting oral and penetrative sex positions. For instance, when on hands and knees during doggy style, things can tend to get a little…wobbly. To help keep you balanced, the suped-up sex pillow (which, BTW, has a machine-washable cover) will stabilize your positioning while matching your partner's thrusts.

Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion

Credit: Lovehoney

If you're ready to rock and roll your way to the big O, the Liberator Jaz Motion is the sex pillow for you. When placed on the curved side, this sex pillow allows you to indulge in a natural back and forth rocking movement for enhanced pleasure—almost like a sex swing, but way more low-key. And for the days when you're not feeling like a rhythmic romp, flip the cushion onto the flat side and lie down; the cushion's curve should fit seamlessly into the natural contours of your back and support your hips. Sounds pretty magical, right? Just wait until things start heating up, at which point the sex pillow will allow you to take advantage of better angles (think: easier access to erogenous zones). What's more, this curved and contoured sex pillow is relatively small in size, making it ideal for travel (just like these mini vibrators).

Urnight Half Moon Wedge Pillow Mount

Credit: Amazon

Dedicated doggy style-rs, rejoice! This inflatable sex position pillow promises to raise your hips and booty juuuust right and, in turn, allow for deeper thrusting. That's great and all, but as any true fan of from-behind sex knows, spending time on all-fours can get old, fast—no matter how hot the hip-holding action and powerful penetration going on behind you. But (!!) by leaning over this semi-circle cushion, you can take the pressure off your elbows, relax, and revel in the romp instead.

Who says you need a partner to enjoy your sex pillow? This bad boy/girl is also great for a solo session thanks to the hole at the top of the arch. Simply stash your fave vibrator or dildo in the opening, straddle the Half Moon, and grind against it until you bring yourself to a toe-curling orgasm. Not only is it inflatable, which makes it easy to store away, but the soft, velvet-like material is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting, well, wet. Available for less than $15 (I repeat: less than $15), this sex pillow promises a whole lot of bang for your buck! (See also: 8 Different Masturbation Positions You Should Try)

Dulexo Inflatable Ramp

Credit: Amazon

This lightweight, travel-friendly pillow offers another affordable option for those who are still wanting to have fun without breaking the bank (or, perhaps, want to try out a sex pillow before making an investment). This inflatable wedge-shaped ramp folds into a smaller-sized wedge that fits easily into any travel bag. It works by helping you stay in positions that may have otherwise been uncomfortable, as well as modify the angle and depth of penetrations. Similar to other wedge-shaped sex pillows, this inflatable option can be used in a variety of ways, from a round of trusty missionary to ridin' reverse cowgirl.

If missionary is your go-to, mix it up by having your partner stand while you lie back on the edge of the bed. Place the pillow under your hips and then throw your legs over your partner's shoulders while you're being penetrated. This gentle lift will make it easier for your partner to hit your G-spot. For reverse cowgirl, try putting the sex position pillow under your partner's bent knees and thighs as you lean forward to ride. The subtle shift will allow for more precise stimulation and will help avoid any weird angle issues—not that I'm speaking from experience or anything!