Because terrifying sizes, confusing shapes, and inxplicable features shouldn't stop you from experiencing the unbelievable, no-strings-attached pleasure that is a vibrator.
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If you're still relying on a five-finger assist to get off, you truly don't know what you're missing out on.

"The sensations that vibrators provide is something totally different than what the human body is capable of," says Lisa Finn, brand manager and sex educator for the New York-based toy company, Babeland. (Trust, she'd be saying that even if she didn't work for a company that sells vibes.) Soft materials, exciting vibrations, and access to areas your hand can't reach all open the door to discovering new ways to pull you out of stale patterns and access pleasure.

But between terrifying sizes, confusing shapes, and features you aren't entirely sure what to do with, picking your first toy can be seriously intimidating. (Seriously—this guide covers 12 types of sex toys, and that's not even close to all of them.)

How to Pick a Vibrator for Beginners

Which style and features will most help you reach the big O is entirely personal—but there are some pretty universal features you'll want (and want to skip on) for your first vibe: "If you already know what turns you on, look for a vibe to match," Finn advises. if you like penetration, a vibrating dildo might be right for you; if you're interested in exploring the G spot, maybe a curved toy. (And if you aren't sure, don't worry—we've got you covered below, too.)

For now, Finn advises skipping fancy features like waterproof capabilities (unless you love to get off in the shower), but definitely look for a toy with some diversity in vibration intensity and patterns—this gives you more variability to discover what drives you wild. She also recommends opting for body-safe materials like silicone and stainless steel, as opposed to TPR (thermoplastic rubber, a material with properties of both plastic and rubber) or elastomer blends, which are porous and could potentially harbor bacteria over time. (Here's more about How to Buy Safe and High-Quality Sex Toy and How Often You Should Replace Your Vibrator.)

More than anything else, follow one simple rule: If something looks intimidating, put it back. "You want a toy that you'll feel comfortable grabbing off your nightstand, and you'll want to allow yourself to relax while using it," says Finn. If looking at a giant yellow dildo gives you anxiety in the store, chances are that feeling will carry over to the bedroom.

With those ideas in mind, here are nine of our favorite vibrators for beginners to get you started.

Best Bullet Vibrator for Beginners: Rocks-Off Chaiamo

Best Vibrator for Internal or External Stimulation: Babeland Dahlia

Best Palm Vibrator: Dame Products Pom

Best Clit Vibrator for Beginners: Crave Duet Flex

Best Wand Vibrator for Beginners: We-Vibe Rave

Best Suction-Style Vibrator for Beginners: Satisfyer Pro 2

Best G-Spot Vibrator: Je Joue G-spot Bullet

Best for Dual Stimulation: Lelo Ina 2

Best Finger Vibrator for Beginners: PicoBong Finger Vibe Ipo 2

Best Bullet Vibrator for Beginners: Rocks-Off Chaiamo

Credit: Amazon

Bullet vibrators are great for pin-pointed clitoral stimulation, Finn says, and the Chaiamo is everything this style should be. Made with a smooth, silicone body, this simple handheld has an angled tip for max precision. It features 10 intensity levels, strong power in a little package, and has the bonus of being waterproof.

Best for Internal or External Stimulation: Babeland Dahlia

Credit: Babeland

A lot of penetrative vibrators might be too realistic and super intimidating for beginners, but ladies looking to mimic partner play will love this lower key pleasure pal. Not only is it ideal for internal use, but also the divot at the head is perfect for surrounding your clit or nipple with v enjoyable vibrations. This toy will not only get you off on your own, but can teach you a few new tricks to try out with a partner's real-life Dahlia.

Best Palm Vibrator: Dame Products Pom

Credit: Dame

The Pom is the perfect upgrade to a gal who loves a five-finger massage. Ergonomically designed to nestle into the palm of your hand, the total-toy vibration and strategically flexible-yet-firm design create a next-level experience for exploring anywhere your hand can reach. The Pom has a powerful motor and four pulsating patterns to help you crescendo, and Dame's soft silicone feels luscious on any sensitive spots.

Best Clit Vibrator for Beginners: Crave Duet Flex

Credit: Babeland

Hitting the sweet spot of erotically intense aesthetics, this unique vibrator boasts soft, flexible tips to zero in on your clit and surround it with delicious vibrations. Made from body-safe silicone, the device is super easy to control, offers 16 patterns, and has the bonus of being waterproof for extra exploration. Plus, it looks luxe AF on the nightstand. (If you love this, check out these other clit vibrators too.)

Best Wand Vibrator: We-Vibe Rave

Credit: Babeland

Wand-style vibrators are a great option for any women, as they tend to offer the pleasurable pairing of versatility and power, says Finn. This one by We-Vibe has a no-frills design, uber-soft silicone, whisper-quiet motor, and slight curve, which makes it easier to hold and easier to hit that G-spot with. "Though mainly hailed for use on the clitoris, wands can be used anywhere externally on the body: the nipples, along the labia, on the shaft of the penis, or even the rim of the anus," Finn offers. Added bonus as you start to explore more: The corresponding We-Vibe app (one of the best sex apps for improving your sex life) lets you create your own vibration modes or give your partner remote access to your toy.

Buy It, We-Vibe Rave, $119;

Satisfyer Pro 2

satisfyer pro 2 clit sucking toy
Credit: Satisfyer

This is one of the few exceptions of toys that look intimidating but you should really forge through and try nonetheless. That's because the Satisfyer Pro is hands-down one of the best sexual sensations you will ever experience. Mimicking the heavenly pleasure that is oral sex, this little sucker (literally) activates the sensitive 8,000 nerve endings in your clitoris. The device itself features 11 levels of power, from a soft pulse to some serious sucking. This toy might stump you at first glance, but it's actually quite straightforward to use—and well worth the short learning curve. (For the record, so are the rest of these suction-style sex toys that simulate oral.)

Best G-Spot Vibrator: Je Joue G-spot Bullet

Credit: Babeland

If you like the simplicity of a bullet but want a little something extra for frisky Fridays in, you'll love this curved toy. With Je Joue's signature supple silicone, this toy is ideal for external exploration as it's curved to follow the contour of your body, as well as G spot pleasure. It offers five speeds and seven patterns, but stays super quiet for private playtime. (These other vibrators make accessing your G-spot a breeze, too.)

Best for Dual Stimulation: Lelo Ina 2

Credit: Babeland

If you want clitoral and penetrative stimulation at the same time, a rabbit vibrator is a great choice, says Finn. The prongs helps hit all of your favorite spots, but the Ina 2 specifically features 8 intensities and two separate motors (one in the body and one in the clitoral stimulator) to max out pleasure everywhere it touches.

Buy It,Lelo Ina 2, $189;

Best Finger Vibrator for Beginners: PicoBong Finger Vibe Ipo 2

Credit: Lelo

If you want minimal effort, minimal instructions, and maximum Os, look no further than a finger vibrator. Ladies who live for the clit will love the simplicity and intensity of this toy. The picobong has 12 vibration patterns and power to reckon with, and is small enough to bring from solo sessions into partner play.