This Clit Suction Toy Gives 'Knee-Buckling Orgasms'

And now's your chance to get it for 74 percent off (seriously).
By Braelyn Wood
January 08, 2021
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Everyone has officially survived the first week of 2021 — and the status of many New Year's resolutions is already in question. But if you vowed to up your daily orgasm count this year, don't crack under the pressure just yet. There's a trusty sex toy ready to help you meet your goal for the next 51 weeks: the Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator (Buy It, $44, was $167,

The best-selling clit-suction sex toy ditches vibrations in favor of suction sensation that many people claim feels even better than oral sex (yes, really). In fact, it's so good at bringing users to the big "O" that more than 100,000 Better Love Butterfly toys have already sold. And even though there's a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if reviews are any indication, you won't ever want to return it. (Don't forget to check out these sex therapist-approved toys.)

That's because the toy is perfectly designed for pleasure with an L-shape that makes it easy to target the clit. Choose between 10 settings based on your mood, from a low rumble for an extra-long "me" sesh to quickie orgasm-in-a-minute intensity. (Sex Ed is in session: The Surprising Anatomic Similarities Between Penises and Clitorises)

Reviewers also have a few suggestions on the best way to give the waterproof clit-suction sex toy a try, including taking it into the bath, bringing it into couple's play, or using it solo with a good erotic book. One reviewer even suggested using your legs to hold the toy in place for a hands-free orgasm. (BTW, here's how to orgasm every time, according to science)

Credit: Ella Paradis

Buy It: Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator, $44 with code 2021, was $167,

The only downside to this toy is that it takes 90 minutes to charge. Luckily, that also means 90 minutes of playtime, which is a long time when you're orgasming twice in less than five minutes, as one user claimed. Not to mention, the reviewers of this Ella Paradis product totally spilled the tea, sharing that climaxes with this toy hit differently — and one even went as far to say that they squirted for the first time, thanks to this little baby.

"I had a boyfriend for more than two years, and let me tell you, I didn't know what life was until I dumped him and got myself this little friend," wrote one satisfied shopper. "I swear I thought I was a multiorgasmic kind of gal, but once I tried the butterfly I GOT TO KNOW CLIMAX."

Another review says this toy is the key to "knee-buckling orgasms," describing the unique sensation as not only sucking your clitoris but "the air out of your lungs." They even struggled to find the words to describe the "gasm spasm" the toy provided other than calling it "unreal." Understandably, they put the toy to the test seven times in less than 24 hours. 

And your clitoris won't be the only thing screaming "yes!" for this sex toy; your wallet will be onboard, too. Thanks to Ella Paradis' New Year's sale, you can get the Better Love Butterfly for a whopping 74 percent off its original price by using the promo code 2021 at checkout. Plus, your purchase comes with a free bullet vibrator. This year is looking brighter!