Just when you thought you'd seen it all.

By Faith Brar
February 14, 2017

Burger King is spicing things up this Valentine's Day with a unique and timely burger special that has the internet buzzing. The fast food giant is offering a romantic meal for two called the Adults Meal, available to customers who are 18 or older and can only be purchased after 6 PM. The concept is similar to their kid's meal, but for more "adult" activities.

For a romantic evening at Burger King (no judgment), you'd order the special, complete with dark blue box, two Whoppers, two fries, two beers and an adult toy-yes, you read that right.

The commercial reveals that you could get one of three different 'sexual' objects as part of the meal, including a lacy blindfold, a feather duster, or a head massager (because who doesn't love a good scalp massage?).

"Kids' meal? That's for kids," the commercial's narrator says while sultry music plays in the background. "Burger King presents the Adults Meal, with an adult toy inside. Only on Valentine's Day."

Unfortunately, the deal is only available at BK locations in Israel. For now, it doesn't seem like it will be available here in the States, but you can satisfy your curiosity by watching the amusing yet strangely seductive commercial below.