Spoiler: you can. And our Shape sexpert is here to help get you there

Being a woman is an amazing thing. We can create new life (how freaking magical is that?), we have a longer life expectancy than men, and-drumroll please-we can have multiple orgasms.

Yes, multiple orgasms are a real thing. It's not like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, or some middle school sex ed BS about dying from having sex before marriage. Multiple O's definitely exist. (Just like the G-spot and female ejaculation or squirting-ALSO REAL).

How, you ask? First of all, unlike people with penises, women don't have a refractory period after climax before they can become aroused again (#sorrynotsorry, guys). Second, it takes some mental chillax-ing to pull it off. Stop focusing so much on the end goal, says Shape sexpert Dr. Logan Levkoff. Instead, just focus on enjoying the journey, let yourself be aroused, and see where it takes you. (And if you're having trouble even getting one orgasm, Dr. Levkoff has some tips for that too.)

As if this wasn't already the greatest thing you've heard today, there's other super fun news; you may have already had multiple orgasms and not even known it. You might be thinking, "Um, I know an orgasm when I feel one, thanks," but not all orgasms are bed-shaking, mind-numbing, earthquake-style climaxes. Sometimes they are lighter pelvic floor contractions, Levkoff says. Either way, still counts.

The take-home (or take-to-bed) message: don't go in search of the elusive multiple O. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the (literal) ride, and it just might happen for you. Remember, more isn't always better. It's just like your trainer says-it's better to have two good reps rather than 10 crappy ones. Quality >>> quantity, friends.