Whether you’re in a pick-up truck or hatchback, these steamy car sex positions are sure to rev your engine.
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Think car sex is just hormonal teens trying to sneak away from their parents? Think again. In fact, a 2016 study found that nearly 60 percent of participants have had sex in a parked car at some point in their lives. After all, doing it in the back (or front) seat offers a sense of novelty and convenience that makes the whole endeavor that much more enticing. Think of it this way: "You seek out new experiences for enjoyment to add fun and variety to your life, so why not with sex, too?" says Lucy Rowett, a certified sex coach and clinical sexologist.

Before going any further though, it should be said that car sex definitely comes with its fair share of complexities, both logistically (think: how to avoid banging a knee on a cupholder) and legally. So before jumping into the best car sex positions, it's important to address the question that's likely crossed your mind: "is car sex illegal?" The answer is that it can be.

While there is no criminal law that specifically states that it's illegal to have sex in a car, having sex in a public area is considered a crime in most states. And depending on the jurisdiction, those involved could face charges of, for example, lewd conduct in public and/or indecent exposure — both of which are often considered misdemeanors, according to the Shouse California Law Group. In other states, however, getting frisky in your vehicle can come with more serious consequences, such as potentially having to register as a sex offender! That's because, in part, just because you may own your car, that doesn't necessarily mean it's considered a "private" space, as far as the law is concerned.

So, what's the appeal of car sex then? For one, there's a very real excitement that can come from having sex somewhere "atypical." Plus, some people may consider themselves exhibitionists (or those who enjoy having sex in front of others) so, it's the potential of getting caught that's the thrill for them. Even if you're parked in your own driveway, the novelty of car sex can still have an erotic charge.

Another reason: You just don't have anywhere else to go. "Sometimes there isn't a vacant bed nearby, or your parents/annoying roommate [are] home. When that's the case, the easiest place to have sex is often a car,"

All that being said, if you are attempting to do the dirty in your vehicle, you'll want to stick to the garage or a secluded area with ample coverage. And it should go without saying, but let's be extremely clear: You should never, ever have sex in a moving vehicle or while driving — and that goes for foreplay, too — any pleasure you think could be gained is not worth the danger this poses to you and other drivers.

Car Sex Positions That Will Make You Want to Park RN

1. The Saddle Straddle

Car Sex Positions The Saddle Straddle

How to do it: After moving the passenger seat as far up as possible, head to the backseat with your partner for a variation of cowgirl. Quick refresher: cowgirl (aka rider or cow-person) refers to the position wherein one partner is on top of the other with their legs on either side of the bottom partner's hips. This position (usually) involves penetration, with the person on top (being penetrated) doing the majority of the movement or "work." While the saddle straddle also tends to be a P-in-V or strap-on-in-V situation, it differs in that both participants are sitting upright.

Why it's one of the best car sex positions: Unlike traditional cowgirl, this upright version doesn't require as much up-and-down movement, thereby making it less likely to bump your head (despite the low ceiling or roof of a vehicle). It's less about bouncing up and down — which many tend to associate with penetration — and "more about rocking together," says Zachary Zane, a sex expert for Lovehoney. "It's also very simple to manually stimulate the clitoris when in this position."

2. Parked Head

Car Sex Positions Road Head

How to do it: To be clear, this suggestion is not the same as the potentially dangerous "road head" you may be more familiar with. "Road head is when the person in the passenger seat goes down on the person in the driver's seat," says Zane. Again, this is not something you should ever do while driving yourself or while the receiver is driving. But in this version of the car sex position, you'll park somewhere discreet (think: an empty garage) and take the keys out of the ignition. It's then, that you can safely get down to business orally stimulating your partner. This way you're not engaging in distracted driving and putting anyone (including others on the road) in danger. But that's not the only benefit: With parked-car road head, you don't necessarily have to lean over the console to get close to your partner's erogenous zones. Instead, you and your partner can head to the back seat for more space and pleasure. (See also: How to Give Great Oral Sex)

Why it's one of the best car sex positions: Remember, sex doesn't have to just be penetrative. Oral counts as sex, too. Penetration can be difficult to pull off in a car — not to mention potentially painful for some. So, when in doubt, consider oral-ing it out.

3. The Lotus

Car Sex Positions The Lotus

How to do it: With one partner (usually the person penetrating) sitting cross-legged on a seat (pro tip: the back seats offer more room), the other sits on top, wrapping their legs around them. Instead of bouncing up and down, the person on top moves their hips back and forth in a rocking manner. And the same is true if you're not feeling penetration. While this position typically includes some inserting action, it's not necessary. Instead, you can easily enjoy this car sex position by grinding and rubbing against one another or putting a toy in between the bodies. (Read more: Why the Lotus Sex Position Should Be In Your Rotation)

Why it's one of the best car sex positions: "This position is great for emotional closeness," says Lucy Rowett, a certified sex coach and clinical sexologist. You get to have lots of eye contact and can engage in deep kissing. It's also fantastic for manual or toy stimulation of the clitoris. (Related: How to Build Intimacy with Your Partner)

4. The Seashell

Car Sex Positions The Seashell

How to do it: In the backseat, the receiver lies on their back with their legs raised straight up in a "V" shape. Then, the penetrating partner enters from above keeping their legs outstretched behind them and hands or elbows propped up on either side of the bottom person. If you or your partner are struggling with this car sex position, be it due to the constraints of the vehicle or, say, flexibility, consider altering slightly to make it work best for you — after all, sex should always be about pleasure and enjoyment. For example, the bottom person might feel more comfortable bending their legs slightly at the knees, almost as if they're doing the happy baby yoga pose; this can take pressure off the inner thighs and hamstrings.

Why it's one of the best car sex positions: Being that the penetrating partner moves up and down the receiver's body (think: horizontally) rather than straight up and down, this move can be particularly great if you're in a smaller vehicle. It also offers an opportunity to make use of the coital alignment technique (CAT) to provide external stimulation during PIV intercourse. "You can play with angles and it can feel delicious for your partner to slide their body along yours for extra clitoral stimulation," says Rowett.

5. Open Door Oral

Car Sex Positions Open Door Oral

How to do it: Get creative with your moves, suggests Kenneth Play, a sex hacker and creator of the Sex Hacker Pro Series. One such way to do that? By opening the door to allow for more room (and kinkiness) — just be sure you're entirely secluded (such as your home garage or similar) when trying this car sex position. If you're going down on a person with a vulva, the person licking [the vulva] can lie down [on their back, with their head at the open door] in the backseat of the car, while the vulva-owner stands above them outside the car and straddles their head," explains Play.

Why it's one of the best car sex positions: It's a very kinky and sexy way to make car sex a little more accessible (and orgasmic). "This is a fun variation on face-sitting that most people haven't yet tried," says Play.

6. Missionary

Car Sex Positions Missionary

How to do it: "Missionary is total body immersion from head to toe," says Play. And while that sounds pretty great, this position is only really possible if you can put the back seat of the car down. Once you've made a veritable bed out of the back seats, have one partner lie down on their back with their legs spread. The other partner then lies on top, typically inserting a penis or strap on. Not comfortable? Place a pillow (or a sex pillow) or some blankets under your tush if you're on the bottom. Be sure to communicate whether you'd like your partner to move fast or slow — or, hey, maybe a little bit of both. Struggling with room to make this car sex position possible? Opt for the seashell (above) instead, as it's quite similar but can work better in tight spaces.

Why it's one of the best car sex positions: Whether in a vehicle or on a bed, this position tends to get a bad rap as being boring. But let's be clear: It's fantastic for penetration and intimacy. And you don't even have to do much in the way of effort. Take this car sex position to the next level with a cockring for extra clitoral stimulation.

7. Doggy Style

Car Sex Positions Doggy Style

How to do it: Just like when done at home on the bed, floor, or couch, the receiver partner is positioned on all fours with the penetrating partner kneeling behind them — only this time, both participants and propped up on the back seat of a car. The giver can also place a foot on the floor of the car if they need extra space for their legs. From there, the fun begins, as the giver enters their partner's V or A from behind with either a penis or strap-on.

Why it's one of the best car sex positions: This car sex position comes with a lot of perks (as evidenced by this doggy style guide), including the fact that it's an equal-orifice move. Meaning, if you're a fan of anal sex, this bad boy is for you. And if you're a fan of vaginal sex? Well, it's also for you. You can even try double-penetration, which involves fingering one hole while the giver penetrates another. And need not forget about the fact that this car sex position leaves the clitoris open for extra stimulation either by the giver (if they're resting against the receiver's body and thus, have a free hand) or the receiver (if they can balance on one arm).