They weren't kidding when they said you can use CBD for ~everything~

By Gabrielle Kassel
June 26, 2019
Credit: Sundry Studio/Kush Queen

CBD for your lattes. CBD for your lats. And now, CBD lube for your labia.

Yes, really. CBD-infused lube is indeed a *thing* and sex educators and experts are here for it. "CBD in the bedroom has a novelty factor, but it may actually have benefit for some women," says Dr. Brandye Wilson-Manigat M.D., an obstetrician-gynecologist based in South Pasadena, California.

Ready to dive in? Here, the science—plus seven CBD lubes to try.

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While research on the benefits of CBD lube and its effect on sexual pleasure is currently TBD, "we do know that the relaxing and anti-anxiety inducing properties of CBD may facilitate a woman being more receptive to sexual activity," she says. Because vaginas are incredibly absorbent and lined with a mucous membrane that can act like a sponge (similar to the inside of your mouth), it's safe to assume that when applied genitally, the body is able to reap all those benefits of CBD. (Related: The Science-Approved Benefits of CBD)

"We do know that CBD acts as a vasodilator, meaning it boosts circulation," says Kiana Reeves, somatic sex expert and director of education at Foria Wellness, which makes CBD and THC health products. (P.S. Here's the difference between CBD, THC, Cannabis, Majiuana, and Hemp) "Increasing blood flow to the genitals and erectile tissue network is the basis for arousal and heightened sensation," she explains. Put simply, CBD lube will make your nether-bits blush in the best way.

For women who have a hard time relaxing their pelvic floor, Reeves says CBD lube may be beneficial. "CBD is widely used as a muscle-tension reliever," she says. (That's why it's being put in muscle rubs and creams.) The uterus, bladder, internal anal sphincter, and pelvic floor are all made of muscle, so there's reason to believe CBD lube can help those muscles relax too, she says. The result? Less painful sex and quite possibly your fastest/strongest/easiest orgasm yet. (Related: 8 Reasons Sex Might Be Hurting You)

However, not all CBD lubes are created equal. "Many contain chemicals, preservatives, glycerin, etc. which can disrupt vaginal flora or cause irritation," says Reeves. Her suggestion? Look for a CBD lube or arousal oil that's all natural, with organic ingredients, and no synthetics for the best, body-safe experience.

And, of course, start by talking to your doc. "Although CBD lube is applied locally to the genitals, it can have some systemic absorption," says Dr. Brandye, meaning it can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Since CBD and other supplements can interact with some prescription medications, it's best to check with your doctor about potential issues first.

Once you're given the go-ahead to O-ahead, it's time to get shopping—and that's where this list comes in.

Another friendly reminder: Make sure to read the instructions and ingredients before lathering up. Some of the products below require a ~marination~ period, some have an oil base that will degrade latex condoms, making them less effective (!!), and one contains CBD *and* THC. (Related: Is Weed Lube the Key to Your Best Sex Ever?)

Kush Queen

As far as CBD lubes go, Kush Queen gets the crown. Why? Because instead of having a coconut oil base, as many other products do, it's water-based. "It alarmed us how many CBD sex products use coconut oil, which may promote the growth of yeast and bacteria as well as degrade the integrity of latex condoms," says Olivia Alexander the founder and CEO. (See more: Experts explain the benefits and risks of using coconut oil as lube.) "Instead, we use a patent-pending process to turn our oil into a water-based form." And because it's water-based, you don't have to worry about the product getting gummy or sticky during or after use.

Whoever you are, if you're ready to heat things up, stock up on Ignite. "From new moms to elderly folks, so many fans enjoy Ignite for anything from foreplay to intercourse," says Alexander. She adds: "Oh, and even anal play." Yeppp, it's kush for your tush.

Kush Queen: Buy it, $50,

Privy Peach

Made specifically for vulva-owners, this stuff works magic, fast. (Seriously, I tried it during a solo playdate and felt it working after like, 2 minutes.) This product is best for people specifically looking to target painful or uncomfortable intercourse, but "it's also particularly good for those who just need additional lubrication," says Kim Koehler, the founder and CEO of Privy Peach. "The circulation boost triggers the body's response to produce more of its own natural lubrication as well," she says.

Keep in mind, "this intimate oil has a high concentration of CBD and coconut oil base which is really great for people that have sensitivities to synthetic lubricant," according to Koehler. But, because it's oil-based, it's not latex-safe. (Try the latex-free condom on our list of the best condoms).

IMO, the best part is it comes in 10 condom-sized, single-use packets. It's a semi-solid at room temp, but once you apply it to your skin, it'll melt faster than you do.

Privy Peach: Buy it, $45,

Velvet Swing

The only product with both CBD and THC on the list (33mg CBD and 100mg THC per bottle), Velvet Swing products are only available in California and Washington state ATM. But, since laws are continuing to change around the legalization of THC, (and the product's tagline is put on, get off —!!) here's hoping everyone will be able to hop on the Velvet Swing very soon.

It's worth waiting for: The THC enhances the bio-availability of the CBD, which boosts its sexy-making effects, explains Chelsea Cebrara, co-creator of Velvet Swing and professional sex educator and cannabis expert. "This product can enhance sensitivity and sexual response for everyone, but for those who suffer from pelvic pain, tension, or post- or peri-menopausal sexual dysfunction it may be particularly helpful," she says. (Related: Why We Need to Start Talking About Female Sexual Dysfunction)

One important heads up (or fun fact, depending on how you look at it): "Just remember that since this also has THC in it, performing oral and anal sex when using it could get you high if you use a lot of it," says Cebrara. And if you try it, give it enough time to sink in; apply at least 20 minutes in advance to get the best results. (And if you try anal, keep these anal prep tips in mind).

Foria Awaken Lube

As the OG cannabis lube makers, Foria has amassed a group of Awaken-devotees best described as cult-like. With 224 reviews, it has the most customer feedback of any product on the list. (And, FWIW, one writer says it *totally* changed her sex life.)

So, what's the big deal? Made from organic coconut MCT oil (read: not latex-safe), CBD, kava kava, and seven other plant-based aphrodisiacs, Awaken has both sensation-enhancing and pain-relieving benefits, according to Reeves (who, as a reminder, is Foria's official sex educator). One reviewer went as far as to claim it's "the first lubricant to completely mute my pain during sex, foreplay, everything. Not to mention it tastes the best! Gave me hope again." (I'm not crying, you're crying.)

To get the biggest (ahem) bang outta the product, Reeves suggests massaging Awaken into the vagina, labia, and clitoris, and allowing it to ~marinate~ for about 15 minutes. "This allows the CBD and other sex-beneficial plants to absorb locally in the tissue and start working with your body," she explains. Consider the absorption time your excuse to boost your foreplay game.

Oh, and you can use the product to enhance your other erogenous zones. "You can definitely experiment with oral sex and anal play. Some of our customers swear by spraying Awaken on their nipples saying it enhances the sensation," says Reeves. *Orders 100 bottles.*

Foria Awaken: Buy it, $48,

Quim Oh Yes! Latex-Safe Serum

Quim's a big name on the CBD personal care market. Their product Oh Yes! Latex-Safe Serum is made with an aloe vera base that's infused with cannabis and designed to intensify sensation, stimulate libido, and increase natural lubrication. (Related: 6 Culprits of Vaginal Dryness).

"This product can be impactful for people who have experienced sexual trauma, who have a hard time releasing their pelvic floor, are perimenopausal or menopausal, and folks who experience pain with penetration," says Cyo Nystrom, CEO and co-founder of Quim.  "Nothing is a cure-all for everything, but this product can help." And yes, since it doesn't contain any oil, it's—as the name suggests—latex-safe.

How do you use it? Shake the bottle, pump the product, then apply it ~down there~ about 5 to 7 minutes before your romp-a-thon. Get. That. Pleasure.

Quim Oh Yes! Latex-Safe Serum: Find out where it's being sold near you.

Happy Clam Everyday Oil

Okay, okay, so Happy Clam Everyday Oil isn't technically a CBD lube but it's a slippery CBD-infused oil intended for your nether bits. Unlike the other products on the list, this baby is meant to be used after sex. "It's safe to go on the vulva, clitoris, interior vagina, perenium, and along the anal cavity," says Nystrom.

"Specifically, we created this specifically for after sex to alleviate puffy taco," she says. True, puffy taco may not be an official medical diagnosis, but if you have labia I knowww you know what she's talking about. "Its purpose is to reduce redness and inflammation after sex," she says. (Related: 8 Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Pain After Sex).

V important PSA for nut-allergists: This product contains sweet almond oil and hazelnut oil, which are going be a nightmare if you're allergic. As a general rule, "we always recommend folks test the product on their inner-wrist and wait twenty minutes to see if there's a reaction," says Nystrom. "If that works, go to your inner thigh, and then try it on your vulva." (TBH, this is a good practice for anything going near your woo-ha: lubes, pube oil, soaps, etc.)

Happy Clam Everyday Oil: Buy it, $48,

Bella Aqua D'Amore

This beauty may be the cheapest option on the list, but it's still sexy as all hell (I mean, look at that packaging!). Formulated for use with condoms and toys made of any/all materials, this water-based CBD lube is as risk-free as they come. Aqua D'Amore offers the same benefits as other lubes on this list: increased sensation and boosted lubrication.

ICYWW, while this product looks like it might have a floral scent, it doesn't. Actually, it's clear, unscented, and its consistency is the same as any ol' water-based lube. (Learn more about the different types of lube here).

Bella Aqua D'Amore: Buy it, $12,