Bet you didn't know your C-spot might be your OH BABY-spot. Here, your guide to exploring the magic of cervical orgasms.

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Cervix. When most people hear that word the first things that comes to mind are pap smears, IUDs, or babies. So if you read this headline and thought "Umm, cervical orgasm? That's a thing?" you've cum (wink) to the right place.

Below, everything you need to know cervical orgasms — including how to have one (alone or with a partner), what they feel like, and whether or not everyone can have one. (Speaking of that solo sesh, try these 13 masturbation tips for a mind-blowing O.)

A Little Cervix Anatomy

To explore cervical orgasms, you need to know a little about the cervix (aka C-spot) itself. Let's start with an anatomy recap. The cervix is positioned at the deepest spot of your vaginal canal at the lowest part of the uterus. Think of it like a security guard, blocking whatever passes through your vaginal canal from traveling further up, where your internal organs are.

To find it, reach way back inside your vagina — like, depending on your bod, three to six inches back. "You'll probably find a rubbery spot that's a bit firmer than the rest of your vagina," says Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D., host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast. Graze something that feels like the tip of your nose? Cool. This is your cervix, or more specifically your ectocervix, which is the part of the external part of the cervix. (More cool anatomy stuff: Did you know penises and vulvas are actually super similar?)

And while some folks use the terms "cervical orgasm" and "cervical penetration" interchangeably. But the cervix cannot actually be penetrated. "The cervix does have a small opening at the center of the ectocervix that's called the external os, but it cannot be penetrated," says O'Reilly. That's because the hole is too small to be penetrated with, say, a dildo or your finger, she says. In fact, the only time something other than blood or semen passes through this hole is during childbirth or IUD insertion.

What Is a Cervical Orgasm, Exactly?

"Cervical orgasms generally refer to any orgasm that occurs in response to pressure and stimulation against the cervix," says O'Reilly.

Interestingly, "there's no real scientific evidence that cervical orgasms exist," says Jill McDevitt, Ph.D., sex educator with sex toy company CalExotic. (Considering research about women's pleasure and orgasm is very limited, this shouldn't be all that surprising.) In fact, the closest thing to a study on the cervical orgasm is one 1985 study which acknowledges that some folks with vulvas "reliably trigger orgasm through vaginal or cervical stimulation."

"That just means that cervical orgasms haven't been studied," she says. "That doesn't mean they don't exist. In fact, many folks have anecdotes about personal experiences with cervical pleasure." IDK about you, but I'm not in the business of doubting someone else's pleasure just because the science hasn't caught up yet! (Related: Is Squirting Real? What to Know About Female Ejaculation)

How to Have a Cervical Orgasm

Stimulating your cervix can be pleasurable — and yep, result in cervical orgasms. But how, exactly, do you stimulate the cervix? Again, because it's the deepest spot in the vaginal canal, cervical stimulation (and orgasm!) are achieved through deep vaginal penetration.

"A penis, a toy, or your fingers — depending on the length of your vaginal canal and the length of the fingers — can all be used to achieve this," says O'Reilly. She recommends using a toy to experiment with depth and pressure on your own before involving a partner. For that, you might try one of these toys below. (Most G-spot vibrators can be used to stimulate the cervix, too.)

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If that feels good and you want to explore cervical stimulation through sex with your plus one? "Some folks say that riding their partner on top is best for cervical stimulation, as they can enjoy deep penetration and control the speed and pressure," says O'Reilly. But any position that allows for deep penetration (like doggy style or missionary with a pillow beneath your hips) will work, too. (Discover how to get more pleasure out of any sex position.)

What Does a Cervical Orgasm Feel Like?

Let's be honest: No combo of adjectives, verbs, and nouns can do any kind of orgasm justice. But the consensus around cervical orgasms from people who've had them is that they're a seriously full-body experience. (Related: How to Have Multiple Orgasms In 7 Steps)

One friend told me, "When I have one, it feels like I'm belly-laughing and orgasming and my guy inside me all at the same time." A second said, "I've only had two, but both times it felt like a spreading warmth, as opposed to a pin-pointed pleasure." And one Reddit user wrote, "[Cervical orgasms] are life-changing. I completely lose control of my body...It's a very intense feeling." Um, sign me up.

Cervical Orgasms Might Not Be Possible for Everyone

"I'd be reticent to suggest that everyone can have a cervical orgasm," says O'Reilly. "Every person's body is different."

You might not even find cervical stimulation enjoyable at all, and that's okay! Some folks find deep penetration enjoyable (and could very well have a cervical orgasm), while others find it painful, uncomfortable, or downright annoying, "just as some people derive great pleasure from eating a steak and others abhor the thought of it," says O'Reilly. "How, where, and when you derive sexual pleasure is also a highly individual experience."

In fact, because the position of the cervix changes throughout your menstrual cycle — it's higher up and less sensitive during ovulation, lower down and more sensitive during your period — you might love it during ovulation and hate it when you're bleeding. "You might experiment with cervical stimulation at different points in your cycle," says O'Reilly. (BTW, keeping tabs on your cycle using one of these period-tracking apps can help you avoid those not-so-pleasurable days — or follow these tips for period sex you'll actually love.)

And if you don't like it, don't sweat it. "I'm all about exploring your body, being inquisitive, and doing what feels good to you," says McDevitt. "If stimulating your cervix is pleasurable, have at it! But otherwise, don't." (See More: 7 Different Types Of Orgasm You Didn't Know Your Could Have)

You Might Be Having a Cervical Orgasm and Not Know It

Seriously! "It can be difficult to accurately differentiate between 'types' of orgasms, because the area you're stimulating is small and various parts sit in close proximity to one another," explains O'Reilly. Like, really close proximity! The G-spot is typically two to three inches inside the vagina, the A-spot is two inches deeper than that, and then the C-spot is…in that same region. That's a lot of potential pleasure points in five to six inches! (More here: These Clitoris Facts Will Revolutionize Your Orgasm)

Plus, there's the fact that "it can be impossible to isolate just one of those spots during sex", she says. "If you're stimulating the cervix, it's likely you're also massaging the vaginal canal and putting pressure on the G-spot," she says. So, in short, you may be experiencing an orgasm you think is from A-spot stimulation, when in fact it's a combo of many pleasure spots.

O'Reilly's recommendation: "Experiment with different sensations. But don't focus on the type of orgasm you have as though you need to check a box. Instead, focus on your pleasure."