Girlplay is trying to take the guesswork of condom sizes—not to mention the fuss of rolling one on—with an innovative aerosol design

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
July 30, 2015
Corbis Images

Condoms may be one of the greatest health inventions of our time, but many people view rubbers as a mood and sensation killer. But what if condoms could be more fun to put on and more enjoyable to have him wear? That's the aim of Girlplay, a new concept for a spray-on condom.

Pratt Institute design student Michelle Chu created Girlplay as part of a project for a marketing and packaging class. The idea: You could skip the muss and fuss of rolling on a rubber in favor of a sprayable latex which would then dry, forming a protective barrier, similar to existing spray-on bandages. Chu says this form of protection would not only increase the fun of putting on protection, but it would theoretically be safer since it wouldn't slip, would be one-size-fits-all, and would be more convenient (which means more people would probably use it). (Using condoms really isn't the worst of your problems, though: 10 Sex Mistakes Screwing You Up in the Sack.)

While Chu's vision for this futuristic condom sounds great, Girlplay is still just a concept and we really have no idea how it would hold up against real-life factors like blocking both sperm and STIs. But, if it turned out to be just as safe as traditional protection, it'd be a pretty cool alternative.

The idea of condoms from a spray can isn't new either-it's been around since 2006 when German inventor Jan Krause was shopping for condoms himself as a teen and walked away boggled by all the size and fit options. "Wouldn't a condom that could be customized be ideal?" he thought. So he spent several years developing a prototype and eventually created a liquid latex that could be sprayed on once it was go time. And while it mostly worked, Krause overlooked one factor that eventually caused the project to tank: The latex took three to four minutes to dry. As Krause himself put it, "It's difficult to keep a penis erect for such a long time."

So while we wait for the next big (or small-size really doesn't matter) thing in condoms, there are plenty of ways to make using a rubber a little sexier-for one: Have Better Sex with One of These 5 Condoms.


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