They connected through Bvddy, an app that's basically Tinder for fit people.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: September 06, 2017
Cari and Daniel

Cari, a 25-year-old marketer, and Daniel, a 34-year-old tech pro, have so much in common that we're shocked they didn't meet sooner. They're both originally from Venezuela but now call Miami home, they share many of the same friends in their community, and they both love playing sports. It was that passion for athletics that finally brought them together when both signed up for Bvddy, a Tinder-like app designed specifically to connect people through sports and fitness.

At first, using the app was kind of like a game. Cari says she swiped right on a lot of athletic guys, saying that she wasn't even looking for romance but just a friend to play volleyball with. But Daniel was smitten with her at first sight.

"She had this picture of her with a little tiger so I messaged her, 'Is that real?' Yeah, that was my smooth opening line," he says. "She was beautiful."

After chatting on the app, the two decided to meet up for a first date, joining a public two-on-two volleyball tournament at a local park. "Normally on a first date you're supposed to show your best self but this was basically the opposite," Cari laughs. "I had on no makeup, we were all sweaty, and we were playing with a bunch of strangers-but it never felt awkward."

"Sports help make a real connection between people and Cari and I had a lot of chemistry on the court," Daniel says.

It went so well that they went on their second date just two days later, when Daniel asked Cari to be his date for a wedding. The couple spent hours talking and laughing, getting to know each other. Three months later, they became exclusive and they've been inseparable ever since.

Their active lifestyle is a huge part of their relationship. They play sports individually and together (volleyball is still their favorite) and love sharing their passion for fitness with each other. That passion brings out their competitive sides, which often leads to passion off the court as well, Cari adds.

"We want the best for each other and we support each other in whatever we're doing," says Cari, adding that this mutual feeling of respect and support provides a solid foundation for their relationship.

The couple has been together for nine months now and each day is better than the last. What does the future hold? They're not sure except they know it will involve a lot of soccer, volleyball, and sweat-their perfect recipe for love.



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