This Couple Met at Orangetheory — and Gave Nods to the Class at Their Wedding

Since tying the knot, Jenna and Joey Rosania remain regulars at their studio.

Orangtheory themed wedding
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When Jenna Rosania saw her now-husband, Joey Rosania, on Bumble, she swiped left.

She'd recognized him as a regular at the 6 a.m. Orangetheory class she frequented, and she had no intention of mixing her search for love with her workouts. In fact, she'd purposely selected a gym 45 minutes away from her home. "I didn't want an awkward confrontation with a guy that I work out with who I don't know," Jenna tells Shape, explaining that her intention was to complete her early morning workouts efficiently without running into anyone she knew.

But as time went on, Jenna began to rethink her stance. "I started to notice Joey [and say to myself], 'Maybe I should have swiped right. Maybe I'm being a little closed-minded'." Luckily, Bumble recycles potential matches, and when Joey appeared on her screen again, Jenna swiped right. It was a match.

Jenna and Joey went on their first date shortly after. "We closed the bar down on our first date," recalls Jenna. "We had to go work out together at 6 a.m. the day after our first date, which was kind of awkward. But now it's our standard every morning."

The New Jersey-based couple, both 34, began dating in March of 2019 — and in 2021, on the day after Thanksgiving, they tied the knot. Their standing early-morning Orangetheory workout date is still going strong; they hope to keep it going until they become parents, according to Jenna.

Orangtheory themed wedding
Opal & Jaye Photography

When Jenna and Joey began planning their wedding, the bride had an idea. "I found an image I liked online of a centerpiece [featuring] a white pumpkin with orange flowers. I [thought] 'oh, we could do a nod to Orangetheory,'" she says. (

When it came time to select signature drinks for the wedding, inspiration struck again. Instead of naming the drinks after the bridal couple, Jenna envisioned cocktail names that will ring familiar to Orangetheory devotees. "Her [signature drink] was a 'Splat Point,' which was an orange crush," says Joey. "Mine was an 'All Out,' which was a bourbon Manhattan with orange bitters." (For the uninitiated, Orangetheroy attendees wear heart rate monitors during class, which allow them to view their heart rate zones on a monitor. They earn "Splat Points" for every minute they spend in the two highest zones. Red is the "All Out" heart rate zone.)

"When we thought of the idea for the drinks and the flowers, it felt right," says Jenna. "Growing up I hated the color orange. Now it's funny that I go to Orangetheory and I had orange at my wedding — but it was a tasteful orange. It wasn't too much." (

Orangtheory themed wedding
Opal & Jaye Photography

The couple acts as accountability partners for one another. For Joey, Orangetheory is more than a way to maintain a workout habit. There's also the community aspect: The pair invited many members of their 6 a.m. class, as well as a few Orangetheory coaches, to their wedding. Two days before the wedding, their local Orangetheory held a special pre-wedding class where the music was [all wedding-themed] and they put balloons out, says Joey.

While Jenna originally had her reservations about finding love at the gym — she admits that she didn't want to sweat in front of a guy she was just starting to date — she now wholeheartedly endorses the idea of gym-goers approaching others in their fitness classes. (

"I would say, 'what have you got to lose?'" says Jenna. "That was my whole thing. I was like 'so what if this turns bad?' and then I was like 'I just find a different Orangetheory.' You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain, so be brave and go talk to the person."

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