Use it as a playful, exploratory bit of foreplay.

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When someone mentions the game, "Never Have I Ever," your initial thought may be sitting on the floor in a college dorm room, taking swigs of cheap wine, using the questions to get good and drunk. As the evening evolved, the questions become more probing and provocative, and before the night was over you likely left the dorm room knowing that so-and-so had anal sex in the bushes behind the English hall and someone else had masturbated with a vegetable over summer break. It's just one of those games that people tend to play in college when their sexual journey is still relatively new and, in the process, you usually learn not just a lot about each other, but even about a few sex-related things you didn't know existed.

But just because you may no longer be in college drinking cheap wine that doesn't mean that "Never Have I Ever" can't continue to be a game which you can learn from, especially when it comes to your partner's wants and needs. As long as you have some ground rules, so things don't go awry and jealousy or feelings of mistrust come up, "Never Have I Ever" can be quite beneficial for your relationship.

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"As with any game you play, it's great to establish some rules so whoever is playing knows how to stay in bounds when things feel like they're getting out of line," says Megan Stubbs, Ed.D., a sexual wellness and relationship expert and author of Playing Without a Partner: A Singles' Guide to Sex, Dating, and Happiness. "Establishing some general rules like 'no talk about exes' or 'no passive aggressive bringing up past misdeeds,' can help alleviate any worry about stepping over any lines that may cause hurt or distress when playing the game. Because, after all, games should be fun!"

In case you've never played, the gist of "Never Have I Ever" is this: You take turns listing potential experiences they've never had/things they've never done. If someone has done the thing mentioned, they take a sip of their drink (or whatever other consequence you decide on). If no one playing has done the thing mentioned, the person who posed the "Never Have I Ever" question takes a drink.

Just as in sexual acts, Stubbs suggests having something not unlike a safe word that one might use in bed, to let your partner(s) know that they're getting close to trespassing or treading on the established rules. Decide, in advance, that should something of this nature come up whether you want to talk about it at that moment or shelf it for later. "There is no one-size-fits-all structure for game-play, so feel free to adapt and adjust as you play this with your partner(s) [or friends]," says Stubbs.

Ultimately, once you have your guidelines in place, it's time to really make the most of what "Never Have I Ever" can offer all types of relationships by putting people on the spot — in a fun and adventurous way — where respect and consent are paramount, of course. It can open dialogues not just about what your partner(s) has done in the past, but what they like that you haven't tried together yet, or something you both haven't tried at all, but want to explore. (Related: What Is Consent, Really? Plus, How and When to Ask for It)

"I think this is a great game to play with your partner to add some new interest and playful curiosity to your relationship," says Stubbs. "It definitely can be a conversation starter and a novel way to add more depth to your relationship. Up the ante, (this is a game after all), with a layer of sexy play if you'd like, by adding a clothing removal rule if your partner has or hasn't done something. You can really get creative with this… It's really limitless."

Here are 50 sexual and dirty "Never Have I Ever" questions for couples, hookups, groups, and, really, anyone else who wants to spark sexy conversations and get to know your friends or partner(s) a bit more intimately.

Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  1. Had an anonymous one-night stand
  2. Fallen asleep while receiving oral sex
  3. Fallen asleep while giving oral sex
  4. Fallen asleep during intercourse
  5. Sexted the wrong number
  6. Had sex in public
  7. Tried anal play
  8. Had a threesome with a couple friends
  9. Joined the mile high club
  10. Had sex without a condom
  11. Told anyone my most embarrassing sexual moment
  12. Faked an orgasm
  13. Acted on a fantasy and was surprisingly disappointed
  14. Went to bed with someone I wasn't into just to get laid
  15. Pretended to be asleep after I climaxed
  16. Seduced someone I knew was married
  17. Shared my "number" with anyone
  18. Read erotica
  19. Thought about an ex while masturbating
  20. Made a sex playlist
  21. Made a sex video
  22. Sent a nude
  23. Wanted to indulge in water sports
  24. Shared my kinks and fetishes with my partners
  25. Participated in an orgy
  26. Engaged in BDSM
  27. Swallowed
  28. Sent a raunchy video to someone
  29. Wanted to partake in double penetration
  30. Tried pegging — either receiving or giving
  31. Attended a sex party
  32. Used a sex toy in public
  33. Squirted
  34. Tasted my own cum or vaginal fluids
  35. Watched myself masturbate in front of the mirror
  36. Wanted to be caught mid-sex
  37. Thought about a celebrity while having sex with you
  38. Accidentally forgotten our safe word mid-sex
  39. Tried role-playing
  40. Masturbated instead of having sex because I was so tired
  41. Watched my partner have sex with another person
  42. Explored a sex act with someone that I wasn't quite interested in
  43. Tried talking dirty in bed
  44. Sexted someone
  45. Watched porn with a partner
  46. Been spanked in bed
  47. Masturbated during the workday
  48. Incorporated sex toys into partnered play
  49. Tried ______ sex position
  50. Incorporated food into sex